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CHRA leader summoned by police
Combined Harare Residents Association (CHRA)
May 08, 2007

CHRA Vice Chairperson Israel Mabhoo was on Friday summoned to the Braeside Police Station. It remains Uunclear what they wanted from him. He has been unavailable to visit the police station. When he returns to Harare, Mabhoo would be accompanied by our lawyers.

Mabhoo said a Sergeant Gumbura phoned him on Friday advising him that they needed him at the police station on Friday. Another police officer called him again using a hidden identity but identified himself as Constable Moyo. Having been away since Friday, the Vice-Chairperson has today presented himself to the police in the company of our lawyer Mpiwa Mangwiro. For details please contact our lawyer on 0912 902 493.

The Association is anxious to know why the police want him but then we will only know once he visits the police station.

He received the call from a police officer who only identified himself as from Braeside Police Station. This followed a successful Tribunal meeting at Sunningdale Community Hall on Friday afternoon attended by about 40 residents.

The Tribunal or 'The Peoples' Court' is a mock trial of Minister Ignatius Morgan Chiminya Chombo and his pawn Sekesai Makwavarara the chairperson of the illegal commission running the City of Harare where residents 'testify' as State witnesses against the Minister and Makwavarara.

The police have been on a violent offensive against members of civil society, the opposition, arresting them, detaining them for long periods and torturing them while in their custody for allegedly being part of a broad movement to remove Robert Mugabe's regime by force. That is untrue and the police know that.

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