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Detentions diary
Combined Harare Residents Association (CHRA)
April 02, 2007

Monday 2 April 2007: Raymond Bake and Peter Bhokosi appear in court charged with participation in the bombing of police stations, Zanu PF offices and rail stations in Harare. They were remanded in custody until 16 April 2007.

Tuesday 27 March 2007: 4.20 am
Peter Bhokosi, the CHRA Ward 11 Chairperson was arrested at dawn by armed policemen in about eight trucks at his Mbare house. They ransacked his house and harassed his family before confiscating CHRA information materials and taking him away. Initially it was unclear where they had taken him but it was later established that he had been arrested and detained by the Harare Central Police Law and Order Section where he was severely tortured, beaten up and harassed. Bhokosi was subsequently charged with petrol-bombing Zanu PF’s Mbare offices as part of an alleged MDC campaign to topple the Robert Mugabe regime. He has appeared in court on three occasions and they have been remanded in custody. Their case will continue on 16 April 2007 at the Harare Magistrates’ Court.

Monday 26 March 2007:
Raymond Bake, CHRA Ward 34 Ward Coordinator was arrested on Monday afternoon at Samuriwo Shopping Centre in Mufakose. He was not initially charged but has now been charged with allegedly being part of the group that petrol-bombed police officers at Marimba Police Station. Bake has been in remand prison since then. He appeared in court on Monday 2 April 2007 at the Harare Magistrates’ Court and also remanded in custody to 16 April 2007.

Wednesday 15 March 2007:
Keith Charumbira was abducted from his shop and was severely beaten and left for dead. He was dumped in Crowborough but a Good Samaritan took him into in his house before rushing him to hospital in a state of coma. He could neither speak nor move his body for two days after his beating.

Tuesday 14 March 2007:
Armed policemen raided a shop in Mufakose and forced 10 shop workers at Lucky 7 at Mhishi Shopping Centre to lie down outside their shop and severely assaulted them before going on a rampage beating up everyone else at the shopping centre.

The assaulted are:

  • Cecilia Manyani
  • Sandra Dzangare
  • Enoch Kazanga
  • Joseph Chakaingesu
  • Adelite Musumbu
  • Jackson Madanhi
  • Pupurai Manyange
  • Tafadzwa, a student on attachment and
  • Israel Masanganise.

Others assaulted work at Chicken’s Den at the same shopping centre. These are T Chinhengo, B Tembo, and M. Chigaro.

An eye witness said armed policemen arrived in about eight vehicles, and they spread around the shops beating up everyone in their sight.

"We were just closing our shop when they came," one of the victims said. "They ordered us to lie down. They accused us of supporting the opposition. We kept quiet and they severely beat us up."

It is believed that the police were retaliating after unidentified assassins petrol-bombed a house in which two Marimba Police officers were sleeping.

A total of 35 residents have reported beatings by members of the police force.

CHRA denounce the use of violence for whatever reasons as violence only begets violence. Residents should desist from violence and in the same vein police and State agents should do likewise before the suburbs turn into blood zones. Police must cease their heavy handedness on the unarmed residents fighting to occupy their democratic space.

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