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Petition to ZINWA
April, 2007

Petition to: Ministry of State Water Resources and Infrastructural Development, Ministry of Local Government, Public Works and Urban Development and the ZINWA Board and Management

We, the undersigned; join residents and rate payers, residents' organizations, ordinary citizens, in condemning ZINWA's takeover of water distribution and administration and sewer reticulation in municipalities across the country. Scores of Senators and Parliamentarians have conceded that ZINWA has no capacity and is ill-prepared to run water and sewer services in Zimbabwe's urban areas. We say no to ZINWA's takeover of water provision and management from local authorities. We demand that ZINWA must immediately return the management of water and sewerage to municipalities. In terms of the Zimbabwe National Water Authority Act [Chapter 20:25], ZINWA's mandate is that of encouraging and assisting local authorities to discharge their functions with regard to development and management of water resources.

We urge all municipalities, town and city councils and residents and rate payers in Zimbabwe to totally reject ZINWA's extended mandate. We call upon Central government to respect the wishes of the people of Zimbabwe and immediately relieve ZINWA of its extended and illegal mandate of the management of water and sewerage in municipalities.

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Please complete the above petition and return your signed copies to:
Zimbabwe Coalition on Debt and Development (ZIMCODD)
5 Orkney Road
Eastlea, Harare

Visit the ZIMCODD fact sheet

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