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CHRA Harare office re-opens
Combined Harare Residents Association (CHRA)
March 27, 2007

This last week was a bit sensitive and our offices were actually not open to the public. There were genuine fears that the police or any members of the National State Security would pounce on us for our supposed role in the CHRA demonstration at Town House on Tuesday 20 March 2007.

If the situation that we witnessed today is anything to go by then I can safely invite you to our offices for any assistance. We are open and carrying out our business as usual.

We hope it stays like that. But CHRA still maintains that the illegal commission running the affairs of Harare must go now and elections must be held now. The High Court has ruled that the Harare Commission is illegal.

Thank you for your continued support and determination to see elections being held in Harare.

Visit the CHRA fact sheet

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