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Residents occupy their space at town house
Combined Harare Residents Association (CHRA)
March 20, 2007

RESIDENTS of Harare led by the Combined Harare Residents Association (CHRA) today Tuesday 20 March 2007 forcibly occupied the space of Town House and denounced the illegal commission running the affairs of the City of Harare.

The brave residents were led by Michael Jeffrey Davies, the CHRA Chairperson who held a banner inscribed: 'We reject the continued stripping of our assets by the illegal commission' while other demonstrators held banners inscribed: 'Makwavarara-You are illegal, Vacate Town House’, and 'The Harare Commission is Illegal, Elections for Harare Now!'

Mr Davies said: "Today CHRA occupied the steps of Town House to send a clear message to the regime that Harare belongs to us, the residents of Harare. We will continue to demonstrate and hold other peaceful campaigns against the illegal commission until elections are held in Harare. Viva CHRA!"

CHRA has led a campaign against the illegal commission running the City of Harare, buoyed by the recent High Court judgment by Justice Lawrence Kamocha which ruled that the commission was illegal. CHRA insist that elections must be held now or Harare shall become a battleground with residents forcibly occupying their stolen democratic space.

No one was arrested. The demonstrators moved with speed and confidence onto the steps to Town House and sang revolutionary songs denouncing Sekesai Makwavarara and her commission, demanding that elections be held now.

They were within the premises of Town House for at most five minutes. Timid municipla policemen asked the demonstrators to go outside the Town House yard where they started singing anti-commission songs, warning of more such demonstrations if elections are not held in Harare.

Makwavarara Must Go Now! The Commission is Illegal! Elections For Harare Now!

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