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Chizhanje tenants face eviction by City of Harare
Combined Harare Residents Association (CHRA)
December 11, 2006

Mabvuku- residents here who have lived in municipal houses since 1994 have been given seven days to vacate them to pave way for City of Harare employees and Zanu PF supporters without accommodation.

The municipality has previously taken similar action in Glen Norah and Highfield, where City employees have been allocated houses being occupied by other people.

One of the affected tenants Kumbirai Zinyemba, who lives at House Number 31 Muroti Street, Chizhanje area said they have been paying their rentals to the City of Harare in time and find no plausible reason for the municipality to evict them now.

"The rainy season is around the corner and I would not find anywhere to house my family if the City of Harare evicts me," she said. "My rentals are up to date. Receipts are available. The City of Harare has been sending notices of eviction to us since last year. When we go to enquire about it they just tell us to continue paying."

It is believed that around 120 tenants who have been receiving these letters were served with eviction letters last Wednesday 06 December 2006. There are between 2 000 and 3 000 people resident in Chizhanje area.

CHRA is documenting all the affected people so that court action is taken.

Budiriro: people living around Area "2" have been facing problems of constant sewer bursts which the municipality has totally failed to address. Budiriro has experienced serious water shortages that threaten a disease outbreak. The matter could not escape the attention of the State-controlled Sunday Mail which also highlighted it in the issue of 10 December 2006.

Glen View: We received a report that the area around Munyarari Business Centre in Glen View 3’ was flowing with raw sewerage, especially in areas around 10th through to 13th street. The City of Harare has been advised but still has not acted, three weeks after the first report was made.

Kuwadzana Extension: Emilia Chakatsva, a member of CHRA in the area has reported that treated water is being lost through leakages from the main water tank in the area. A report was made at the City’s sub-office in the area but they have not acted. Water continues to flow along the main road.

Mbare National: Piles of garbage continue to increase at intersections in most streets in the area.

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