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Electoral (Amendment) Regulations, 2002 (No. 11) - SI 17A/2002
February 06, 2002

SI 17A/2002 [CAP. 2:01

Electoral (Amendment) Regulations, 2002 (No. 11)

IT is hereby notified that the Minister of Justice, Legal and Parliamentary Affairs, in terms of section 157 of the Electoral Act [Chapter 2:01], has made the following regulations:—

1. These regulations may be cited as the Electoral (Amendment) Regulations, 2002 (No. 11).

2. The Electoral Regulations, 1992, published in Statutory Instrument 58 of 1992 (hereinafter called "the principal regulations") are amended in section 15 by the repeal of the proviso to subsection (4) and the substitution of—

"Provided that—

(a) no voter shall be disqualified from voting solely on the grounds that his answer to the question set out in subparagraph (i) of paragraph (b) indicates that he has changed his name or address or both; and (b) in the case of a change of name, the voter may be asked to produce proof of the same in the form of an affidavit, deed poll or notice of change of name in the Gazette.".

3. Section 15A of the principal regulations is amended by the repeal in subsection (1) of paragraphs (b) and (c) and the substitution of—

"(b) one provincial election agent for each province; and

 (c) one constituency election agent for each constituency;".

4. Section 16 of the principal regulations is amended in subsection (2) by the deletion from paragraph (a) of "or counting centre".

5. Section 16A of the principal regulations is amended by the repeal of subsection (3) and the substitution of—

"(3) Candidates, election agents or polling agents shall be permitted to affix their signatures or thumb-prints upon the presiding officer’s seal or to affix their seals to the aperture of the ballot box in accordance with subsection (2) of paragraph (a) of section 60 of the Act: Provided that no seal of a candidate, election agent or polling agent shall bear a prohibited symbol or indicate any affiliation to a political party.". 6. The principal regulations are amended by the insertion after section 21 of the following section—

"Accreditation fees for observers
21A. The accreditation fee to be paid in terms of paragraph (d) of subsection (6) section 14C of the Act—

(a) by an observer invited from any country on the continent of Africa or from a country that is a member of the African Union, shall be US$100;

(b) by an observer who is an eminent person from within Zimbabwe referred to in paragraph (d) of subsection (5) section 14C of the Act, shall be Z$1,000;

(c) by an observer other than one referred to in paragraph (a) or (b), shall be US$300.".


Supplement to the Zimbabwean Government Gazette Extraordinary dated the 6th February, 2002. Printed by the Government Printer, Harare.

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