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  • First report of the Portfolio Committee on Mines on Diamond Mining (with special reference to Marange Diamond Fields)
    Parliament of Zimbabwe

    June 19, 2013

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    The Committee on Mines and Energy through its oversight responsibility conducted an enquiry into the diamond-mining sector for the period 2010 to 2013. The purpose of the enquiry was basically to hold the Executive accountable for its programs, policy and actions in the sector, taking into account the fact that the financial hopes on revenue proceeds for Government, in 2012 and 2013 have been premised on the buoyant performance of the diamond sector. The finds and observations of the Committee span over period of four years. The delay in tabling this Report has largely been due to two reasons. Firstly, there was a contestation of power between the Executive and the Legislature over access to information and entry by the Committee to carry on site visits in Marange. Secondly, the Committee was compelled to keep pace with rapid changes and developments in the sector, which made it imperative to base the findings and recommendations on relevant and accurate information.

    During the enquiry the Committee was also cognisant of the fact that a lot of negative information on Marange diamonds had been churned out by both national and international media, hence it was also important for the Committee to get accurate information, which it could convey back to the citizens as their elected representatives. The enquiry was fraught with a number of challenges but there were also positive outcomes which emerged during the process such as the KP certification of most mining companies in Marange. The Committee unearthed a number of irregularities and loopholes at each of the different stages of the diamond value chain. Despite, these challenges, the Committee believes that if it proper mechanisms, strong administration and adherence to both national and international laws are observed, the country would be able to derive maximum benefit from its diamonds.

    Background Information

    There are number of diamond mining companies operating in Zimbabwe which include: River Ranch, Murowa Diamonds, Mbada Diamonds, Anjin, Marange Resources and Diamond Mining Company (DMC). Government, through ZMDC entered into joint venture agreements with a 50/50 shareholding in the following companies, Mbada, Anjin and DMC. Marange resource is owned 100% by ZMDC.

    When the Committee began its enquiry in 2010, another company was in operation known as Canadile Miners but it has since been de-listed by government and its special grant was taken over by Marange Resources. The sector has remained largely small for a very long time until the huge discovery of deposits in Marange. It is estimated that the country now has the capacity to supply 25% of the global diamond market.

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