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  • New Constitution-making process - Index of articles

  • Abridged draft Constitution of the Republic of Zimbabwe - In 11 Languages
    Parliamentary Monitoring Trust (Zimbabwe)
    March 04, 2013

    Download this document in the following languages:

    - Chichewa - Acrobat PDF version (837KB)
    - English - Acrobat PDF version (554KB)
    - Kalanga - Acrobat PDF version (773KB)
    - Nambya - Acrobat PDF version (746KB)
    - Ndebele - Acrobat PDF version (738KB)
    - Shangaan - Acrobat PDF version (679KB)
    - Shona - Acrobat PDF version (653KB)
    - Sotho - Acrobat PDF version (623KB)
    - Tonga - Acrobat PDF version (687KB)
    - Venda - Acrobat PDF version (693KB)
    - Xhosa - Acrobat PDF version (632KB)

    If you do not have the free Acrobat reader on your computer, download it from the Adobe website by clicking here.


    The Constitution Parliamentary Select Committee (COPAC) has produced this Summary of The Final Draft Constitution of Zimbabwe 2013 to assist the public understand the contents of the Draft. The Draft is 172 pages long. COPAC considered that it will be easier for a person who may have no time to read the whole Draft, to read only this summary and obtain an appreciation of the contents of the Draft.

    The Summary does not contain all the details in the Draft but only information on the main provisions to enable the reader to make an informed decision.

    Visit the Parliamentary Monitoring Trust - Zimbabwe fact sheet

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