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Parliamentary Monitor: Issue 25
Parliamentary Monitoring Trust (Zimbabwe)
March 07, 2012

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MP’s Resignation Press Statement

With such a scandal, any reasonable MP would have resigned. There is still a little honour in resigning. There is shame, yes. The public, some facing serious threats, sacrificed their votes for these MPs and what do they get in return, a spit in the face or worse a kick in the teeth. The reason, lack of it why these guys have continued to click on the seats is either an arrogant approach to dignity or worse a complete disregard for those who elected them. As the Parliamentary Monitoring Trust of Zimbabwe, an organisation driven by private citizens whose lives are affected by the lack of respect by the elected officials, we have, gratis, drafted a resignation letter for the disgraceful MPs. What they need to do is to come out of hiding and call for a press conference either as individuals or as a group and do the most honourable thing at the time of their dishonour. Failure, we urge political parties to go for honour killing and fire the DISGRACEFOOLS or else we will paint them with the same brush and suspect, justifiable so, that they are hiding something thus they need to protect those who steal from the poor.

Fellow Zimbabweans, it is with a dishonour and disgrace that I am addressing you. As you may be aware, I have been accused of misappropriating funds allocated to me under CDF. I would not go into details but would like to say that after a serious reflection, I have realised that I am not worth to continue representing my constituency and party in the capacity of a Member of the House of Assembly. As an elected Member of Parliament, I was addressed as Honourable but I feel there is nothing honourable about abusing funds that are meant to alleviate the burden that the people of Zimbabwe have to bear. This is not to say the funds allocated under CDF would have alleviated poverty in our/my constituency(ies) but it would have served as a necessary and appropriate starting point. As such, I have let those people who cast their vote for me in March 2008, a time when almost nothing was working, down. They may have pursued other things on that day but because they thought I would be part of the solution to their daily problems, they chose to place an X against my name. I am afraid to say that, with what has happened to the US$50 000, the people are justified to conclude that I was a waste of ink. I am nowhere near what they expected. If they expected new politics, new hope and a new life with me as their representative, I am ashamed to say that I was not even a fraction. I would like to kindly ask you fellow Zimbabweans, to forgive me. I would accept whatever fate is meted out. I think I deserve it. In taking this apology, I would also want you to have hope. The beautiful ones may not have been born but there may be some who can manage resources, bigger or smaller in a manner that transforms the lives of the intended beneficiaries. There is hope the beautiful once would be born/were already borne but may be devoured by people like me if we continue to contaminate the politics of this country. We are the jackals and deserve our place in the political wilderness. In conclusion, I would like to urge those in a similar predicament but have not come forward or discovered to take this liberating step. I may leave this room with my head lowered but the burden is slowly being lifted. I may not compensate for the loss but I have seen salvation. To others, the ball is in your court, be it in the private sector, in church, in government, don’t wait until you are court with your fingers in the till. Thank you Ex MP

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