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  • Parliamentary Monitor: Issue 23
    Parliamentary Monitoring Trust (Zimbabwe)
    February 16, 2012

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    Whither New Constitution?

    Words, words, words! Anyone who read the newspapers could have been confused. Below, we quote verbatim what was said about the constitution. It is for readers to conclude! The draft is a systematic attack on Zimbabwe where the drafters have become drifters by drifting away from the views of the people. This draft exposes the poverty of the inclusive Government. The drafters have failed and if they are not changed, it means there won't be any Constitution to talk of.” Professor Jonathan Moyo. "The draft is the Kariba Draft on a Copac letterhead. As long as the process exclusively remains in the hands of political parties, the draft constitution will remain a political game. Each provision there will reflect a political position of one party or the other. That does not deserve to be described as a Constitution. This is what was rejected long ago because the draft does not reflect the views of the people and we will reject it if it comes that way.” Professor Lovemore Madhuku.

    "However, we do not expect anyone to smuggle foreign ideas other than what was said by the people of Zimbabwe. There is no need for Zimbabweans to panic because they have a right to reject a tampered with constitution. All Copac has to do is respect the will of the people and they have no right to manipulate the views of the people." Kurauone Chihwayi.

    ‘It’s a shrewd move by people who have run out of options on how to contain Mugabe on the way of democratically barring him from running again for the presidency. It maybe ZANU PF elements calling out for help that through a constitutional amendment Mugabe may be stopped from contesting the next election,’ Dewa Mavhinga. "A lot of raw data came out of the outreach. This data has been analysed producing constitutional principles and a booklet on proposed constitutional issues. The constitutional principles set out the broad parameters on what must be addressed in the Constitution whilst the constitutional issues address the constitutional detail" Strictly there is no draft available. The Select Committee is still to interrogate and review what has been placed before them. This further breach of confidentially is reckless, irresponsible and unfortunate," Hon Eric Matinenga.

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