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Older Persons Bill, 2011
Parliament of Zimbabwe
September 23, 2011

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The purpose of this Bill is to provide for the well-being of older persons, to provide for the appointment of a Director for Older Persons affairs, the establishment of an Older Person Board, to create an Older Persons Fund and to provide for matters connected therewith, or incidental thereto.

In more detail, the individual clauses of the Bill provide as follows –

Clause 1

This clause gives the short title of the Bill and provide for the fixing of date of operation by President through a statutory instrument.

Clause 2
The terms used in this Bill are defined in this clause.

Clause 3

This clause establishes the office of Director for Older Persons Affairs who will be responsible for co-ordinating the activities of the Older Persons Board. The Director will perform his duties in accordance with such general directions as the Minister may issue from time to time.

Clause 4

This clause establishes the Older Persons Board and also provides for the appointment of members of the Board by the Minister. This clause also provide for the appointment of the Chairperson and Vice-Chairperson of the Board, the conditions of service for members of the Board and the procedure at meetings of the board.

Clause 5

This clause deals with disqualification for appointment as a member of the Board. In particular, persons not ordinarily resident in Zimbabwe will not qualify for appointment.

Clause 6

Termination of appointment as members of the Board is provided for by this clause. A member of the Board may resign voluntarily. The Minister is also empowered to terminate the appointment of any Board member in circumstances outlined in this clause.

Clause 7

The functions of the Older Persons Board are provided for by this clause. Basically the Board will be responsible for formulating and designing policies meant to ensure the well-being, care and protection of older persons. This clause also empowers the Board to set up committees to which certain of its functions may be delegated.

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