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Senate adjourns to July; Another delay on POSA - Bill Watch 19/2011
May 13, 2011

The Senate met on Tuesday then adjourned until Tuesday 5th July

The House of Assembly will meet on Tuesday 17th May

POSA Amendment Bill Still Not Through Parliament

The Public Order and Security [POSA] Amendment Bill has still not been dealt with by the Senate, although it was passed by the House of Assembly in December last year and has been awaiting its Second Reading in the Senate ever since. Now there will be a further delay until the 5th July before there will be another chance for it to be considered.

In the Senate on 10th May

Tuesday’s sitting was the Senate’s first for six weeks – it has not met since 31st March. The sitting lasted two hours before the Senate adjourned for another eight weeks.

Business Dealt With on Tuesday:

  • the General Laws Amendment Bill, as amended by the House of Assembly, was passed without further amendment. [Electronic version available.] The Bill will now be printed and sent to the President for his assent. It will then be gazetted as an Act – and only at that point will it take effect as a law. [Note: At the request of the Minister of Justice and Legal Affairs the Senate suspended Standing Orders to allow the Bill to be “fast-tracked” through all its stages in one sitting. Although not mentioned by the Minister, the reason for the urgency is obvious: once the Bill becomes law, clause 11 will block further forced sales of Reserve Bank property in settlement of the bank’s many unpaid debts. Swift gazetting as an Act is therefore to be expected.]
  • the Minister of Defence made a Ministerial statement on the establishment of the National Defence College. The College is scheduled to be completed in three years and to achieve University status in 2016. The mission of the College will be “to prepare selected senior military officers, senior public officials and senior officials from the private sector of Zimbabwe and their equivalent from friendly countries for higher responsibilities in their respective organisations, by developing their analytical powers, knowledge of defence and international security and strategic issues through high professional training and exchange programmes”.
  • Senator Simon Khaya Moyo, ZANU-PF party chairperson and recently appointed ZANU-PF Senator, made his maiden speech during the resumed debate on the President’s speech opening the current Parliamentary session. He called for the conclusion without further delay of the constitution-making process and the concurrent lifting of “illegal economic sanctions”; the holding of elections; and the intensification of national economic empowerment programmes through the vigorous pursuit of indigenisation.

Business Deferred to July:

Bills [Electronic versions available.]

  • Public Order and Security Amendment Bill – awaiting Second Reading [see above]
  • Small Enterprises Development Corporation Amendment Bill – awaiting Second Reading [passed by House of Assembly and transmitted to Senate on 5th April]

Uncompleted motions on the Order Paper: motions to take note of the report of the Senate Thematic Committee on HIV and AIDS on Access to Treatment and the report of the Senate Thematic Committee on Peace and Security on The Role of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Promoting Peace and Security in Zimbabwe; a ZANU-PF motion on sanctions; and MDC-T motions on the repercussions of elections on ordinary citizens, and on incidents of violence in Mbare, Budiriro and surrounding areas earlier this year.

On the House of Assembly Order Paper for Next Week

Bills There are two Bills awaiting Second Reading [electronic versions available]:

  • Deposit Protection Corporation Amendment Bill; This Bill proposes the establishment of a Deposit Protection Corporation and Deposit Protection Fund to provide for the compensation of depositors in failed financial institutions. This would replace the existing compensation scheme, which is spelled out in the Banking Act and in regulations made under that Act.
  • National Incomes and Pricing Commission Amendment Bill; This Bill provides for the National Incomes and Pricing Commission to become a board with much reduced powers and functions. Powers to fix prices and pricing standards and control rentals, incomes and service charges are repealed. The new board will be an advisory body tasked with research and monitoring functions. Price control will be covered by Ministerial regulations and orders under the Control of Goods Act.

Motions include:

  • several “take note” motions on Portfolio Committee reports on: The Constitutionalisation of Housing; Provision of Early Childhood Development; The Ministry of Higher Education’s Cadetship Support Scheme and Scholarship Programme; Air Zimbabwe and the Civil Aviation Authority; The National Social Security Authority; and Local Authority Service Delivery in Harare, Chitungwiza and Norton [electronic versions of these reports available]
  • private members’ motions:
  • to condemn the Minister of Local Government's “unwarranted interference in and micro-managing of local authorities”
  • calling for the removal of ghost workers from the Government payroll and the improvement of remuneration for civil servants and others paid through the Treasury.

Wednesday’s Question Time 21 written questions await reply by Ministers. Some date back to November last year. Three questions feature the; impact of diamond mining in Chiadzwa on the local community: they seek information on the re-location and compensation of residents; transport problems caused by police excluding public transport from the area; and government policy on employment of local people by the diamond mining companies. Other questions include one asking for the Government’s position on licences of business operators that are “counteractive to the drive towards indigenisation”; and a question asking for statistics of former civil servants still occupying government accommodation.

Update on Legislation

Bills Passed and Awaiting Presidential Assent and/or Gazetting as Acts [Electronic versions available.]

Bills in Parliament [see above]

Bills Gazetted and Awaiting Presentation in Parliament – None

Bills Being Printed for Presentation in Parliament [electronic versions not available – texts not yet released]

  • Older Persons Bill [a Bill from the Ministry of Labour and Social Services]
  • Human Rights Commission Bill [NEW TO LIST – only just sent for printing – probably not available for some weeks]

Bills Referred for Drafting after Approval in Principle by Cabinet

  • State Enterprises Restructuring Agency Bill
  • State Enterprises and Parastatals Management Bill
  • Zimbabwe Investment Authority Amendment Bill.

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