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Acts of 2010 & Update on Bills - Bill Watch 1/2011
January 20, 2011

The Senate has adjourned until the 8th February
The House of Assembly has adjourned until the 15th February

List of Acts passed in 2010

There were only six Acts passed in 2010 - the smallest annual legislative output in Zimbabwe’s history. The six Acts were:

Pre-2010 Acts Brought into Force during 2010

  • Petroleum Act [Chapter 13:22] (No. 11 of 2006]
  • Into force 26th April 2010 [date fixed by SI 84/2010]
  • Judicial Service Act [Chapter 7:18] (No. 10 of 2006)
  • Into force 18th June 2010 [date fixed by SI 114/2010]
  • Intellectual Property Tribunal Act [Chapter 26:08] (No. 5 of 2001)
  • Into force 10th September 2010 [date fixed by SI 152/2010]
  • Trade Marks Amendment Act, 2001 (No. 10 of 2001)
  • Into force 10th September 2010 [date fixed by SI 153/2010]

Acts Not Yet in Force

  • National Biotechnology Authority Act [Chapter 14:31] (No. 3 of 2006)
  • Suppression of Foreign and International Terrorism Act [Chapter 11:21] (No. 5 of 2007)
  • Audit Office Act [Chapter 22:18] (No. 12 of 2009)
  • [Dates of commencement for these Acts have to be fixed by the President by statutory instrument.]

Update on Bills

Bills in Senate

Bills in House of Assembly
Awaiting Second Reading

  • Deposit Protection Corporation Bill

Awaiting Report by Parliamentary Legal Committee

  • Small Enterprises Development Corporation Amendment Bill

Bills Gazetted and Awaiting Introduction

  • General Laws Amendment Bill [gazetted 22nd October 2010]
  • National Incomes and Pricing Commission Amendment Bill [gazetted 5th November 2010]

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