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Parliamentary round up: Bulletin No. 21 / 2010
Southern African Parliamentary Support Trust
October 26, 2010

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Home Affairs and Defence

The Committee conducted a surprise visit to the Registrar General’s Offices on Monday 25 October 2010 to assess problems citizens were facing in obtaining national documents such as passports, birth certificates, Identity Cards etc. However, to the Committee’s surprise, they found senior management staff waiting for them by the entrance. As a result, this pre-emptied the committee’s strategy, as Members were taken on a “guided tour”.

The Committee is set to meet next week to revise its strategy so that when it visits RG’s district offices, it won’t find itself a similar trap. The Committee also intends to conduct public hearings on the same issue.

Mines and Energy

The Mines and Energy Committee conducted a stakeholder meeting on the Energy Regulatory Bill yesterday. The Bill seeks to establish an Energy Regulatory Authority and provide for its functions and management.

Stakeholders (NOCZIM, REA etc) that made their representations to the committee were generally in agreement with the principle behind the Bill and informed the committee that they were closely consulted on the Bill. However, private players wanted some areas of detail to be attended to.

Transport, Communications and Infrastructural Development

The Committee interviewed the Air Zimbabwe and Civil Aviation Authority of Zimbabwe on labour disputes between management and workers, retrenchment and recapitalization progress. Dr. Chikumba and Mr. Chaota representing Air Zimbabwe and Civil Aviation Authority of Zimbabwe (CAAZ) respectively, made the following submissions to the Committee.

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