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Attorney-General's Office Bill, 2010
Parliament of Zimbabwe
September 10, 2010

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The purpose of this Bill is to establish the Attorney-General’s Office Board ("the Board"), to constitute the Attorney-General’s Office as a service outside the Public Service, and to provide for the administration of the Office and conditions of service of its members. In more detail the Parts of the Bill provide as follows—

Part I
Clause 1 sets out the Bill’s short title and provides for the date of its commencement if it becomes an Act.
Clause 2 contains definitions of terms used throughout the Bill.

Part II
Clause 3 provides for the constitution of the Attorney-General’s Office.
Clause 4 provides for the establishment and composition of the Attorney-General's Office Board.
Clause 5 sets out the functions of the Board.
Clause 6 encourages the Board to devolve its decision-making powers to a Director.
Clause 7 empowers the Minister to make annual and other reports to Parliament.

Part III
Clause 8 empowers the Attorney-General to give policy directions on matters of policy to the Board.
Clause 9 provides for the establishment of a Department of Administration under the Attorney-General’s Office.
Clause 10 provides (in addition to the department under clause 9) for the establishment of other departments of administration.
Clause 11 empowers members of the Board to engage persons under contract as members of the Office.
Clause 12 provides that members of the Attorney-General's Office engaged otherwise than on contract must undergo a probationary period of not less than six and not more than twelve months.
Clause 13 provides for the Board to fix the conditions of service of members of the Attorney-General's Office.
Clause 14 provides for the Board to engage in regular consultations on conditions of service with associations or organisations representing members of the Attorney-General's Office and recognised by the Minister responsible for labour.

Part IV
This Part provides an outline for the procedure to be followed in connection with the discipline of members of the Attorney General’s Office.

Part V
Clause 18 provides for the funds of the Attorney-General's Office. The investment of moneys not immediately required by the Office, the accounts of the Office and the audit by an internal auditor are provided for in clauses 19, 20 and 21.

Part VI
Clause 22 applies to the State Liabilities Act [Chapter 8:14] in relation to legal proceedings against the Attorney-General's Office.
Clause 23 deals with the transfer of pensions benefits of members of the Attorney General’s Office payable from the Consolidated Revenue Fund.
Clause 24 empowers the Board, after consultation with the Attorney-General, to make regulations providing for the conditions of service of members of the Attorney-General's Office.
Clause 26 as read with the Second Schedule amends Acts whose provisions will be affected by this Bill and
Clause 27 contains transitional provisions.



An Act to establish the Attorney General’s Office Board and to provide for its functions; to constitute the Attorney-General's Office and to provide for its administration and the conditions of service of its members; to provide for the transfer of persons from the Public Service to the Attorney General’s Office; to make consequential amendments to various Acts; and to provide for matters connected with or incidental to the foregoing.

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