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  • COPAC outreach meetings: Manicaland: 26 July to 7 August – Constitution Watch 15/2010
    July 22, 2010

    Meetings are scheduled for Mutasa, Chimanimani and Chipinge districts. Veritas will circulate itineraries for other provinces as soon as they become available from COPAC.

    Provincial Contact Person for Manicaland is F. Mbesta, 0912 730655.

    Mutasa District

    Date Ward Meeting point Meeting point Meeting point
    26-Jul 1 Nyatsanza Primary Ruda Primary Hauna Airstrip

    Chimanimani District

    Date Ward Meeting point Meeting point Meeting point
    26-Jul 1 Mutambara Central Primary Nyambeya 1 Primary Ruwedza Primary
      2 Mhandarume Primary Mashonjowa Primary  
      3 Chakohwa Primary Chakohwa Secondary  
    27-Jul 3 Nechitima Primary    
      4 Matendeudze Primary Chiramba Primary Mutambara Primary
      5 Hotsprings Primary Nemaramba Primary Nenhowe Primary
      6 Chayamiti Primary Shinja Primary  
      7 Bumba Primary    
    28-Jul 7 Bvumbura Primary Mutsamvu Primary  
      8 Agritex Chitinha Primary Dirikwe Primary
      9 Chigwegwe Creche Zimunda Primary Takaengwa Primary
      10 Chikukwa Primary    
    29-Jul 11 Martin Hall    
      11 Jantia Farm House Hangani Primary School  
      12 Charleswood Tilbury Primary Tarka Primary
      13 Manase Primary Kushinga Primary Kwirire Primary
      14 Westward Home Fairfield Primary  
    30-Jul 14 Cambridge Primary    
      15 Ngangu Primary Chimanimani Magistrate  
      16 Dzikope Hall Tiya Primary Duri Creche
      17 Muusha Primary Saurombe Business Centre M.D.A.
    31-Jul 18 Mhakwe Primary    
      18 Biriwiri District Hospital Kwaedza House  
      19 Chikwakwa Primary Chikwizi Primary Ndapetwa Primary
      20 Gudyanga Primary Tonhorai Primary Changazi Primary
    2-Aug 21 Ndakopa Primary Hode Primary  
      21 Dzingire Primary    
      22 Muchadziya Primary Vimba Primary School Hlabiso (Makumbura) Secondary
      23 Ndima Primary Dip Tank Mutsvangwa Primary

    Chipinge District

    Date Ward Meeting point Meeting point Meeting point
    3-Aug 1 Bangwe Township Changadzi Township Rufumiso Township
      2 Ngaone Secondary School Ngaone Toti Primary Sch Masonga Clinic
      3 Goko Primary School Mutema Primary School Taona Township
      4 Musani Primary School Birirano School Tanganda Primary School
    4-Aug 5 Sabi Primary School    
      5 Tongogara Primary School Meikles Village  
      6 Mooiplaats Primary School Christina Primary School Bondi Township
      7 Clearwater Primary School Chivhunze Primary School  
    5-Aug 8 Junction Gate Ratelshoek Primary School Foroma Primary School
      9 Paidamoyo Primary school Ndiadzo Primary School Mafumise Primary School
      10 Hillrand Primary School Heartbeast  
      11 Madziwa Secondary School Village C Shed  
    6-Aug 12 Nyaututu Primary School Chiriga Primary School Tashinga Primary School
      13 Grassflats Primary Mapote  
      14 Mapungwana Primary School Tamanda Primary School Nyamadzi Primary School
      15 Muzite Pimary School Magondi Primary School Gwenzi Primary School
    7-Aug 16 Chipangara Township    
      17 Munoirwira Primary School Chinaa Secondary School Nyagadza Primary School
      18 Musirizwi Primary School Tafara Primary School Tazviona Primary School
      19 Mt. Selinda Primary School Beacon Hill Primary School Hearterg Primary School

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