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  • New Constitution-making process - Index of articles

  • COPAC Masvingo & Midlands outreach venues - Constitution Watch 10/2010
    June 20, 2010

    COPAC Mashonaland outreach venues - Constitution Watch 7/2010
    COPAC Byo, Mat S and Mat N outreach venues - Constitution Watch 8/2010

    COPAC Harare Met (Chitungwiza) & Manicaland outreach venues - Constitution Watch 9/2010
    COPAC Consitution outreach teams – Constitution Watch 11/2010
    COPAC Harare and Bulawayo outreach programmes cancelled - Constitution Watch - 12/2010

    Masvingo province (23 - 30 June 2010)

    Chivi District

    Date Ward Name of centre Name of centre Name of centre
    23-Jun 1 Gwamakunguwo High school Vutete Clinic Museve Township
    23-Jun 2 Madamombe Township Mukotosi Primary School Masunda Secondary School
    23-Jun 3 Befura Hall Bwanya School Chitambira Business Centre
    23-Jun 4 Rutedze Primary School    
    24-Jun 4 Gomo Primary School Chigwiki Primary School  
    24-Jun 5 Sukwe Primary School Mudadisi Secondary School Rubweruchena Business Centre
    24-Jun 6 Maramba School Mupani Centre Mhandamabwe Business Centre
    24-Jun 7 Utsinda School Vuravhi Business Centre  
    25-Jun 7 Jenya Business    
    25-Jun 8 Makovere North Primary School Vuravhi Primary School Denga School
    25-Jun 9 Chidyamakono Business Centre Denge Business Centre Cheteni Primary School
    25-Jun 10 Zvamapere Secondary School Taru Primary School Chigapa Primary School
    26-Jun 11 Mhiti Business Centre Nyevedzanai Primary School Jochomi Primary School
    26-Jun 12 Chinembiri VIDCO B Barure Business Centre VIDCO A Mazhaugwe VIDCO F
    26-Jun 13 Takavarasha Business Centre Mabika Business Centre Mudunduru Vidco Centre
    26-Jun 14 Chiware Primary School    
    27-Jun 14 Bare Primary School Davira Primary School  
    27-Jun 15 Dewe School Chiwadza Business Centre Dzimati School
    27-Jun 16 Dombo Primary School Chingogwe Secondary School Nyamakwe Business
    27-Jun 17 Chirongwe Primary School Chamatatu Primary  
    28-Jun 17 Vundembe Primary School    
    28-Jun 18 Gwitima Business Centre Vuranda Methodist Church Muzogwi School
    28-Jun 19 Chikofa Primary School Boarder Munaka Secondary School Run'ai Primary School
    28-Jun 20 Sese Business Centre Makamure School Mandiva
    29-Jun Resting Resting Resting Resting
    30-Jun 21 Chomuruvati Business Centre Chishavakadzi Centre Mavhurubwe Centre
    30-Jun 22 Maringire Business Centre Chamanhanzva Secondary School Dhlaya Tyres Shop
    30-Jun 23 Chasiyatende Business Centre Barura Dam Masoso Business Centre
    30-Jun 24 Kushinga Ward Centre    


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