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  • COPAC Harare Met (Chitungwiza) & Manicaland outreach venues - Constitution Watch 9/2010
    June 20, 2010

    COPAC Mashonaland outreach venues - Constitution Watch 7/2010
    COPAC Byo, Mat S and Mat N outreach venues - Constitution Watch 8/2010

    COPAC Masvingo & Midlands outreach venues - Constitution Watch 10/2010
    COPAC Consitution outreach teams – Constitution Watch 11/2010
    COPAC Harare and Bulawayo outreach programmes cancelled - Constitution Watch - 12/2010

    Note from Veritas

    The Outreach to Harare Metropolitan Province (Chitungwiza) scheduled for June 23rd to 30th [itinerary outlined in Constitution Watch 9] and that for Bulawayo over those dates [itinerary in Constitution Watch 8] have been cancelled and will now take place after July 12th, with dates still to fixed. Two reasons have been cited – first, that town people will be too preoccupied with the World Cup to attend to constitution-making, and secondly, that there have been threats of organised disruptions. (Notice taken from Constitution Watch 12/2010)

    Harare Met (Chitungwiza)

    Date Ward Meeting point
    23-Jun 1 Zengeza Main School
    24-Jun 2 Tangenhamo Primary School
    25-Jun 3 Chaminuka Primary School
    26-Jun 4 Dungwiza Pry School
    27-Jun 5 Area F Creche
    28-Jun 6 Tadzikamidzi Primary School
    29-Jun Rest  
    30-Jun 7 Mberi Primary School

    Manicaland Province (23 - 30 June 2010)

    Mutare District

    Mutare North

    Date Ward Meeting point Meeting point Meeting point
    23-Jun 1 Clare Primary School Nyamajura Primary School Chimwanda Primary School
    23-Jun 2 Mt Zuma Primary School Mt Zonwe Primary School Harry Business Centre
    23-Jun 3 Chikundu Business Centre Goodhope Farm Shamu Business Centre
    23-Jun 4 Chipfatsura Primary School    
    24-Jun 4 Nyika Primary School Zhawari Primary School  
    24-Jun 5 Bvirindi Business Centre Dora Secondary School Pamadhumeni (Shed)
    24-Jun 8 Mukuni North Primary School Mukuni South Primary School Zumbare Clinic
    24-Jun 9 Gonon'ono Primary School Chirinda Primary School  
    25-Jun 9 Gwindingwi Primary School    
    25-Jun 11 Mushunje Primary School Chegore Primary School Pamukana Primary School
    25-Jun 12 Domboramarifande Zimbabwe Trust Chadambuka Business Centre
    25-Jun 34 Nyagundi primary School
    Chinota Primary School Chiwere Primary School
    26-Jun 31 Odzi Primary School    

    Mutare South  

    26-Jun 6 Mafuke Hall Gombakomba Primary School Samupindi Business Centre
    26-Jun 7 Mazonwe Business Centre
    Manyera Store Matanuska/Valhala
    26-Jun 13 Chigombwe Primary School Gwese Primary School Gwekwerere Hall
    27-Jun 14 Rowa Primary School l Mt Gandai Primary Schoo Murare Primary School
    27-Jun 15 Muduma Business Centre Matondo Business Centre Chishakwe Primary School
    27-Jun 20 22 Miles Business Centre Munyarari Primary School Duma Business Centre
    27-Jun 21 Chitora Primary School    
    28-Jun 21 Mambwere Primary School Chikwira Business Centre  
    28-Jun 22 Gutaurare Business Centre Chipendeke Business Centre Manzununu Primary School
    28-Jun 26 Shatibhoo Business Centre Nyakunu Primary School Bvirindi Business Centre
    28-Jun 27 Chimhenga Business Centre Pamuonde (Manzinde)  
    29-Jun Rest      
    30-Jun 27 Muromo Primary School    
    30-Jun 32 Zimunya Primary School    
    30-Jun 33 Eagle Training Centre Mutore Primary School Mapofu Wattle Company
    30-Jun 36 Dzobo/Mtisi Business Centre Madanga Business Centre Derembwe Business Centre

    Mutare West  

    30-Jun 10 Mt. Makomwe Primary School Muwangira Primary School  

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