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  • 2008 harmonised elections - Index of articles

  • Electoral Regulations, 2005 [Statutory Instrument 21 of 2005] - Updated to 18 March 2008
    March 18, 2008

    Incorporating all amendments to 18th March, 2008.

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    1. Title.
    2. Interpretation.
    3. Forms.
    4. Addresses of constituency elections officers.
    5. Distinction of ballot papers when Parliamentary and Presidential elections coincide.
    6. Deposits on nomination.
    7. Instruments for marking ballot papers.
    8. Counting of votes.
    9. No person to notify results before official declaration.
    10. Collation of polling-station returns and aggregation of ordinary and postal ballots.
    11. Declaration of result of poll.
    12. Collection of ballot boxes and packets after close of poll.
    13. Presiding officer to arrange for delivery of ballot boxes.
    14. Office hours and inspection and copies of documents.
    15. Copies of rolls.
    16. Duties of constituency elections officers and polling officers when rolls printed.
    17. Inspection of nomination paper after close of sitting of nomination court.
    18. Election agents: Presidential elections.
    19 Prescribed classes of persons for purposes of sections 55(2)(b), 62(2)(a)and 77(3)(b) of Act.
    20. Privileges of observers and election agents.
    21. Election agents.
    22. Election expenses.
    23. Prohibited symbols.
    24. Unqualified persons not to apply for ballot paper.
    25. Prohibition of taking of photographs.
    26. Old forms and availability of new forms.
    27. Accreditation fees for observers.
    28. Security to be given for purposes of section 165 (3) of the Act.
    29. Complaints to Commission.
    30. Offences and penalties.
    31. Repeals.
    SECOND SCHEDULE : Maximum Number of Election Agents, Observers and Journalists Who May Be Present Within Polling Stations, Etc.
    THIRD SCHEDULE : Prohibited symbols.

    IT is hereby notified that the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission, in terms of section 192 of the Electoral Act [Chapter 2:13], has, with the approval of the Minister, made the following regulations:—


    1.  These regulations may be cited as the Electoral Regulations, 2005.

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