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Why the Constitution of Zimbabwe Amendment (No. 18) Act is not good for Zimbabwe
National Constitutional Assembly (NCA)
January 24, 2008

The Constitution of Zimbabwe Amendment (No.18) Act is designed not to serve the interests of the people but of those to the ruling politicians of the day. For this reason it stands condemned and undemocratic.

The Act is being imposed on the people. No government no matter how popular and no president no matter his credentials must be allowed to author a constitution.

The Act seeks to safeguard the interests of Zanu PF so that it clings on to power while the majority of Zimbabweans continue to suffer under an undemocratic constitution.

The Act is piecemeal. Zimbabwe needs a new constitution and not piecemeal amendments to the current constitution, which has been amended 17 times since 1980.

The Act does not allow the people to elect a president of their own choice instead the party does, thereby denying Zimbabweans their right of electing a leader they want through transparent and democratic means.

The act is there to award ZANU-PF chefs at the expense of the majority of Zimbabweans who do not have access to basics such as food, health education and clean water.

The Act it is elitist. Constitution making process must remain a preserve of the people and for this cause Zimbabweans must unite and push for a people driven, democratic constitution.

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