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Broadcasting Services Amendment Bill 2007 (H.B. 19, 2007)
Gazetted in Gazette Extraordinary on Friday 14th December, 2007

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Broadcasting Services Amendment Bill, 2007


The purpose of this Bill is to amend the Broadcasting Services Act (“the principal Act”) with a view to clarifying or improving certain of its provisions.

The individual clauses of the Bill are explained more fully below.

Clause 1
This clause sets out the Bill’s short title.

Clause 2
This clause inserts a definition of “Committee on Standing Rules and Orders” in the principal Act, which is required in connection with the new manner of appointing the Broadcasting Authority of Zimbabwe.

Clauses 3 and 4
Clause 3 seeks to insert a new “purposive” section in the principal Act setting out the broad aims and objectives of the principal Act. Under clause 4, the exercise of the functions of the Minister and the Broadcasting Authority of Zimbabwe are specifically subjected to those overriding aims and objectives.

Clauses 5 and 6
Clause 5 seeks to reconstitute the existing Broadcasting Authority of Zimbabwe Board. Three of its members will be appointed by the President from a list of six nominees submitted by the Committee on Standing Rules and Orders, and that Committee will also have a consultative role in the appointment of the other nine members. Under clause 6 the Committee on Standing Rules and Orders will also have a role in the disciplining, suspension or dismissal of members of the Board.

Clause 7
This clause proposes to mitigate the rule contained in section 8 of the principal Act that Zimbabweans alone must wholly own or control broadcasting services.

[Note by Veritas: The memorandum in the printed Bill ends here; it does not mention clauses 8 to 20 of the Bill]



To amend the Broadcasting Services Act [Chapter 12:06].

ENACTED by the President and the Parliament of Zimbabwe.

1 Short title
This Act may be cited as the Broadcasting Services Amendment Act, 2007.

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