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Second report of the Portfolio Committee on Defence and Home Affairs on half-year budget performance [SC 19, 2007]
Second report of the Portfolio Committee on Defence and Home Affairs on the half-year budget performance for the Ministry Of Defence
Presented to Parliament November 08, 2007

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1. Executive summary
On the 2007 budget, the Ministry of Defence, was initially allocated $232 billion. As of 30 June 2007, its expenditure stood at $601,2 billion, which is 260% of the initial allocation.

2. Introduction

This report highlights the state of the Defence budget as at 30 June 2007. The Committee considered oral and written evidence received from the Ministry of Defence. The report presents and analyses various challenges faced by the Ministry against a background of severe foreign currency shortages and hyperinflation.

Your Committee sought accountability for the funds that were voted to the Ministry by Parliament and to find out if set programmes, projects and targets were achieved.

. . .

6. Recommendations

In view of the challenges faced by the Ministry of Defence and the observations that have been highlighted, your Committee the following recommendations: -

6.1 while the Committee appreciates the current economic hardships, it should be noted that the Ministry of Defence plays an important role in maintaining peace and stability in the country, it should not be under funded. The under funding of the Defence Forces will cause repercussions, that can be detrimental to the nation.

6.2 The Monetary Authorities should avail to the Ministry of Defence adequate foreign currency to purchase vehicles, uniforms and equipment to enhance the operations of the Defence Forces.

6.3 David Whitehead and Modzone should be availed with foreign currency to purchase material for uniforms.

6.4 There is need to review the salary scales of soldiers to ensure that its above the Poverty Datum Line for the morale of the Defence Forces to be kept to an acceptable level.

7. Conclusion

In view of the issues that are highlighted in this report, where the country is operating in a harsh economic environment, your Committee appreciates the Ministry of Defence’s self-reliance‘s initiative to reduce its dependency on the fiscus. However, there is great need to fully fund the ministry for the morale of the soldiers and the security of the nation.

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