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    Christian Alliance
    October 26, 2007

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    In Zimbabwe we have now reached a crossroads due to recent political events. Zimbabwe Christian Alliance is grateful for the role we have played so far in obeying God’s command to the church to defend the cause of the weak and fatherless, maintain the rights of the weak and oppressed, and rescue the weak and needy and to deliver them from the hand of the wicked. Psalm 82: 1-4.

    In this we saw it fit to join hands with civil society and political parties whose goals were the same. We thus gave birth to the Save Zimbabwe Campaign which we chair and coordinate in bringing about a peaceful solution the crisis in Zimbabwe. As we all know the activities of the campaign led to the SADC initiative on Zimbabwe and the series of events which led to the passing of Constitution Amendment No. 18.

    We were however, disappointed by the total exclusion of civil society and churches from the recent negotiations about the future of Zimbabwe. We also found the secrecy in which the whole process is shrouded to be undemocratic and therefore unacceptable.

    Recently we learnt through the press that the opposition had voted with ZANU PF to bring the 18th constitutional amendment into law. We fond this unacceptable since and Save Zimbabwe Campaign partners agreed that we would not participate in elections before there was a new people driven Constitution. Civil society has been united in this.

    With the lessons learnt from the history of this country, it is advisable at this point that we proceed with caution before we accept ant outcomes from the negotiations. We first must be fully informed of the content and the scope of the negotiations. We must insist that there be transparency in all this. In the light of the changed political circumstances we also need to pause and review our relationship with our political party partners.

    As Christian Alliance we believe that a people centred solution to the Zimbabwe crisis must be inclusive , work towards a people driven constitutional reform process and create a condusive atmosphere for free and fair elections. Post conflict solutions must also include restorative justice issues that will bring a healing process to victims of Gukurahundi, flawed land reform process, Murambatsvina and the violence perpetrated by ZANU –PF.

    As we review what is happening as Christians, we do not despair. We believe our God is in control. We now see greater challenge to all of us as civil society. However, we must not take the recent events as totally negative. At least there is finally some movements towards what we have been praying for. By agreeing to any changes at all ZANU-PF Government has finally admitted that there is a crisis in Zimbabwe.

    What is now needed by all of us in the Church and in civil society is the strength and resolution to continue with the struggle until there is political, economic and social transformation in our country.

    May God bless us all

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