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  • Position on Constitutional Amendment Number 18
    Zapu FP
    October 05, 2007

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    The position of our party the Zimbabwe African Peoples' Union - Federal Party on the Zimbabwe Constitutional amendment number 18 is as follows:

    We appreciate the efforts made by SADC at resolving the problems in the country even though those efforts may miss the mark by some margin. We appreciate the African neighbourliness exhibited by SADC's concern for us in Zimbabwe and their principled stand for Zimbabwe in every fora where Zimbabwe has been discussed.

    We also hope that the rest of Africa and the international community at large will support OUR efforts at rebuilding this great nation.

    We note however that the 18th amendment IS NOT a panacea for our crisis which is multifaceted. We therefore view and hope that this amendment is only a BEGINNING OF A PROCESS of national healing.

    We applaud our competitors and fellow Zimbabweans in the two formations the MDC and ZANU-PF for taking a bold stand at beginning this healing process which has largely been their creation.

    We note with concern the oversight by the civil society organisations that met in Bulawayo on the 29th and issued a communiqué that 'forgets' that political parties are part of civil society and represent the concerns of ' ordinary' Zimbabweans as much as any other civil society stakeholder. Our roles should be complementary and not in competition with each other. We are concerned that there are some among them who are quick to condemn the actions of political parties without proposing a viable and feasible alternative. Such would want a chewing-gum struggle in Zimbabwe from which they personally benefit.

    We also note that a new constitution while desirable IS NOT and WILL NOT be a FIX-ALL solution to the Zimbabwean crises; no matter how excellently written that constitution is. A constitution without a soul is useless. What good will a good constitution do without the necessary goodwill by all stakeholders to be bound by it.

    A new and relevant constitution CANNOT be birthed without the goodwill of most stakeholders which is what ZAPU- FP hopes is the purpose of amendment 18 and hopefully subsequent actions i.e. the creation of the necessary goodwill among Zimbabweans.

    We note also that the talks have not been all inclusive and we hope that the mediating President Mbeki and the three parties sitting at his SADC table will at some stage soon see the need to engage other political parties and civil society organisations whose buy-in is needed for the success of the initiative. For us if the issue of self determination - i.e. federalism - is not addressed in the new dispensation we shall always find fault with the institution of government in Zimbabwe.

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