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  • Statement on Constitution Amendment 18 Bill
    Gibson Sibanda
    Delivered at House of Assembly September 18, 2007

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    I stand to add my voice to the debate on the Constitutional Amendment Number 18 which is before this House. Indeed today is the beginning of a historic moment in this House. The speakers who have spoken before me on this debate have stated very clearly, the Leader of the House Hon. Chinamasa has already spelt out how the SADC resolution led to the dialogue that has come to a phase where we begin to resolve the issue before this House.

    We have seen the Berlin Wall fall, the Cold War between the West and the East come to an end, and indeed we have seen 27 years of one man imprisoned on an island becoming a Head of State after 27 years, because there was the will and the commitment. I bfind today that, between the two parties who are represented here in this august House, we can find the solution to the crisis in Zimbabwe. The Amendment is a landmark, in that it has started to put in place solutions to some of the issues that have bedeviled our nation of Zimbabwe.

    We are in the process of making history and finding a solution to our crisis. Despite the divisions that occur between the parties, I think maturity has come to be realized in this House. It is my honour that I support and add my voice to the smooth passage and the continued dialogue between ZANU PF and MDC. Yes, as the Professor and Hon Khupe have stated, we are one formation when it comes to resolving the issues that are facing this country, and indeed we are united as Zimbabweans who are sitting here, who have been elected from all the constituencies here represented, and it is a duty upon us as elected representatives to find the solutions to the political, economic and social crisis we are facing.

    Indeed, I support the smooth passage of this Amendment 18 to the Constitution of Zimbabwe.

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