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Amendments to the Constitution of Zimbabwe Amendment (No. 18) Bill, 2007 [H.B. 7, 2007]
September 12, 2007

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The Constitution of Zimbabwe Amendment (No. 18) Bill received an unopposed Second Reading in the House of Assembly on 12 September, following agreement between the governing party and the opposition on amendments to be made to the Bill.

The Committee Stage of the Bill (clause by clause consideration and adoption of amendments) will be dealt with on 13th September.

If the Bill is passed by the House immediately, it is likely to be considered by the Senate on Thursday 14 September.

The amendments to the Bill in brief

The amendments cover the following main points:-

  • Composition of House of Assembly – House to consist of 210 members, all directly elected by voters in 210 constituencies [this eliminates the Bill’s original provision for 10 members to be appointed by the President]
  • Composition of Senate – Senate to consist of 93 members – 60 directly elected by voters in 60 constituencies; 5 appointed by the President; 10 Provincial Governors; 18 chiefs – 16 elected by fellow chiefs, plus the President and Deputy President of the Council of Chiefs ex officio. [The Bill’s original provision was for 84 members, with only 50 directly elected and 6 appointed by President]
  • Delimitation of constituencies – elimination of Delimitation Commission - delimitation of constituencies to be handled by Zimbabwe Electoral Commission; variation in size of constituencies to be limited to 20% either way (as at present), as opposed to the original Bill’s 25%
  • Synchronisation of elections – inclusion of local authority elections in the list of elections to be held at the same time (President, House of Assembly, Senate – and now, local authority governing bodies)
  • Appointment of Public Protector (Ombudsman) and Human Rights Commission chairperson – President to consult Parliamentary Committee on Standing Rules and Orders

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