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Statement on the proposed Constitution of Zimbabwe Amendment (Number Eighteen) Bill
National Constitutional Assembly (NCA)
September 07, 2007

The NCA stands for the principle that constitutions must be made by, and for, the people. This is why it advocates for a new, democratic, and people-driven constitution.

From its inception, the NCA has always insisted that Zimbabwe needs a new constitution and not piecemeal amendments to the current constitution, which has been amended 17 times since 1980.

The proposed Constitution of Zimbabwe Amendment number 18 shares with its predecessors one key characteristic: it is designed not to serve the interest of the people but those of ruling politicians of the day. It is unacceptable and it is for the reason that the NCA is pushing for a constitution that is not focused on partisan political interests. Only a people-driven process will guarantee a constitution that will survive beyond the self-interests of the government of the day.

No government, no matter how popular, and no president, whatever his credentials must be allowed to author a constitution. Constitution making is the preserve of the people.

It is clear that the proposed Constitution of Zimbabwe Amendment Number 18 has only one purpose: to promote the interests and agenda of those who are currently in government and would want to remain so forever. No right thinking Zimbabwean should support this.

The so-called public hearings by the Parliamentary Portfolio Committee on Justice Legal and Parliamentary Affairs, to take place around the country, do not change the fact that the proposed amendment of the constitution is not a people-driven process.

Accordingly, the NCA urges all Zimbabweans to reject piecemeal amendments to the constitution and therefore in the process reject the proposed Amendment Number 18. The NCA encourages Zimbabweans to intensify the push for a new , democratic, people-driven constitution.

We will vote in 2008 under a new constitution!!

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