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Comment on Constitution of Zimbabwe Amendment (no. 18) Bill
Zimbabwe Election Support Network (ZESN)
June 20, 2007 (direct link to 8 page pdf file)

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The three main objects of the Constitution of Zimbabwe Amendment (no. 18) Bill, as stated in its memorandum, are:

  • To change the President’s term of office and the method of electing a new President in the event of a President’s death or resignation.
  • To change the composition of the Senate and the House of Assembly.
  • To establish a Human Rights Commission.

According to its memorandum, the Bill will do other things as well, including creating the office of Deputy Chief Justice and altering the titles of the Commissioner of Police and the Ombudsman, for example, but they are of little real importance and do not merit discussion at this stage.

However, regrettably, the memorandum does not give the full picture. The Bill seeks to do one other important thing:

  • Extend President Mugabe’s term to 2010.

The Bill’s memorandum does not mention that at all.

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