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Constitution of Zimbabwe showing amendments proposed by Amendment No. 18 Bill H.B. 7, 2007
June 08, 2007

See current version of Constitution of Zimbabwe (February 2007)

The amendments proposed by H.B. 7, 2007 are highlighted in the downloadable text by the use of—

  • red strikethrough font for deletions (deletions)
  • green underlined font for insertions (insertions)

A text box citing the relevant clause of the Bill has been placed in the right-hand margin adjacent to each provision affected by the Bill.

Download this document incorporating amendments made to the Constitution with proposed Amendment 18.
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[Incorporating proposed amendments as of 08 June 2007]

The Constitution of Zimbabwe was published as a Schedule to the Zimbabwe Constitution Order 1979 (S.I. 1979/1600 of the United Kingdom). As at the 1st February, 2007, it has been amended by the following Acts:

Number and year

Short title

Date of

27 of 1981

Constitution of Zimbabwe Amendment Act, 1981 (No. 2)


25 of 1981

Constitution of Zimbabwe Amendment (No. 2) Act, 1981


1 of 1983

Constitution of Zimbabwe Amendment (No. 3) Act, 1983



(Sections 14 and 15)




(Remainder of Act)


4 of 1984

Constitution of Zimbabwe Amendment (No. 4) Act, 1984

27 4.84

4 of 1985

Constitution of Zimbabwe Amendment (No. 5) Act, 1985


15 of 1987

Constitution of Zimbabwe Amendment (No. 6) Act, 1987


23 of 1987

Constitution of Zimbabwe Amendment (No. 7) Act, 1987



(Sections 1 and 21)




(Remainder of Act)


4 of 1989

Constitution of Zimbabwe Amendment (No. 8) Act, 1989


31 of 1989

Constitution of Zimbabwe Amendment (No. 9) Act, 1989



(Section 22 (b), (d) and (e))




(Remainder of Act)


15 of 1990

Constitution of Zimbabwe Amendment (No. 10) Act, 1990


30 of 1990

Constitution of Zimbabwe Amendment (No. 11) Act, 1990


4 of 1993

Constitution of Zimbabwe Amendment (No. 12) Act, 1993



(Sections 1 to 5 and 12)


    (Section 9, re Defence Forces) 1.7.94
    (Section 9, re Prison Service) 18.8.95
    (Section 11, re Prison Service) 18.8.95
    (Section 9, re Police Force) 1.10.95
    (Sections 6, 7, 8, 10, 13, re Public Service) 10.3.96

9 of 1993

Constitution of Zimbabwe Amendment (No. 13) Act, 1993


14 of 1996

Constitution of Zimbabwe Amendment (No. 14) Act, 1996


10 of 1998

Constitution of Zimbabwe Amendment (No. 15) Act, 1998


5 of 2000

Constitution of Zimbabwe Amendment (No. 16) Act, 2000


5 of 2005

Constitution of Zimbabwe Amendment (No. 17) Act, 2005:-


Sections 1, 2, 3, 4, 18, 19(a) (new definition of "voter" only), 20, 22 and 24, First Schedule (Part I only) and Second Schedule






Chapter I

The Republic and the Constitution

1. The Republic.
2. Public seal.
3. Supreme law.

Chapter II



4. Citizens of Zimbabwe on Independence.
5. Citizenship by birth.
6. Citizenship by descent.
7. Citizenship by registration.
8. [Repealed.]
9. Powers of Parliament in relation to citizenship.
10. Interpretation.

Chapter III

The declaration of Rights

11. Preamble.
12. Protection of right to life.
13. Protection of right to personal liberty.
14. Protection from slavery and forced labour.
15. Protection from inhuman treatment.
16. Protection from deprivation of property.
16A. Agricultural land acquired for resettlement.
16B. Agricultural land acquired for resettlement and other purposes.
17. Protection from arbitrary search or entry.
18. Provisions to secure protection of law.
19. Protection of freedom of conscience.
20. Protection of freedom of expression.
21. Protection of freedom of assembly and association.
22. Protection of freedom of movement.
23. Protection from discrimination on the grounds of race, etc.
24. Enforcement of protective provisions.
25. Savings in the event of public emergencies.
26. Interpretation and other savings.

Chapter IV

The Executive


The President

27. The President.
28. Qualifications and election of President.
29. Tenure of office of President.
30. Presidential immunity.
31. Acting President.
31A. Remuneration of President.
31B. President and former Presidents not to hold other offices.


Vice-Presidents, Ministers and Cabinet

31C. Vice-Presidents.
31D. Ministers and Deputy Ministers.
31E. Tenure of office of Vice-Presidents, Ministers and Deputy Ministers.
31F. Vote of no confidence in Government.
31G. Cabinet.


Executive Functions

31H. Executive functions of President.
31I. Prerogative of mercy.
31J. Public emergencies.
31K. Extent to which exercise of Presidentís functions justiciable.

Chapter V



Legislative Authority

32. Legislative authority.
33. Parliament.


The Senate

34. Composition of Senate.
35. Election of President of Senate.
36. Tenure of office of President and Deputy President of Senate.
37. [Repealed]


Composition of Parliament, Speaker and Deputy Speaker and Parliamentary Legal Committee

38. Composition of Parliament.
39. Election of Speaker and Deputy Speaker.
40. Tenure of office of Speaker and Deputy Speaker.
40A. Parliamentary Legal Committee.
40B. Functions of Parliamentary Legal Committee.


General Matters Relating to Parliament

41. Tenure of seats of members.
42. Members sentenced to death or to imprisonment.
43. Expulsion or suspension of members convicted of certain offences.
44. Oath of loyalty.
45. Remuneration of President of Senate and Speaker.
46. President’s power to address and attend Parliament.
47. Vice-Presidents, Ministers, Deputy Ministers, Provincial Governors and Attorney-General in Parliament.
48. Clerk of Parliament and other staff thereof.
49. Privileges of Parliament and members and officers thereof.


Powers and Procedure of Parliament

50. Legislative powers.
51. Mode of exercising legislative powers.
52. Alteration of the Constitution.
53. Enrolment of Acts.
54. Quorum.
55. Validity of proceedings.
56. Voting.
57. Standing Orders.


Elections and Sessions

58. Elections.
59. Delimitation Commission.
60. Delimitation of constituencies.
61. Electoral Supervisory Commission.
62. Sessions.
63. Prorogation or dissolution.

Chapter VI


Chapter VII

The Public Service

73. Public Service.
74. Public Service Commission.
75. Functions of Public Service Commission.
76. Attorney-General.
77. Secretaries of Ministries, etc.
78. Principal representatives of Zimbabwe abroad.

Chapter VIII

The Judiciary

79. Judicial authority.
79A. Judiciary.
79B. Independence of judiciary.
80. Supreme Court.
81. High Court and criminal jurisdiction of other courts.
82. Qualifications of judges.
83. Oath of office.
84. Appointment of judges.
85. Acting judges.
86. Tenure of office of judges.
87. Removal of judges from office.
88. Remuneration of judges.
89. Law to be administered.
90. Judicial Service Commission.
91. Functions of Judicial Service Commission.
92. Persons presiding over special courts.

Chapter IX

The Police Force

93. Police Force and Commissioner-General of Police.
94. Police Service Commission.
95. Functions of Police Service Commission.

Chapter X

The Defence Forces

96. Defence Forces and command thereof.
97. Defence Forces Service Commission.
98. Functions of Defence Forces Service Commission.

Chapter XA

The Prison Service

99. Prison Service and Commissioner of Prisons.
100. Prison Service Commission.
100A. Functions of Prison Service Commission.

Chapter XI


101. Consolidated Revenue Fund.
102. Withdrawals from Consolidated Revenue Fund or other public fund.
103. Authorisation of expenditure from Consolidated Revenue Fund.
104. Public debt.
105. Comptroller and Auditor-General.
106. Functions of Comptroller and Auditor-General.

Chapter XII

Miscellaneous Provisions



107. Ombudsman and Deputy Ombudsman Public Protector and Deputy Public Protector.
108. Functions of Ombudsman Public Protector.
108A. Anti-Corruption Commission.
108B. Zimbabwe Human Rights Commission.

109. General provisions as to Commissions, etc.
110. Tenure of office of certain persons.
111. Chiefs and Councils of Chiefs.
111A. Provincial, district or regional governors.
111B. Effect of international conventions, etc.
112. Pensions.



113. Interpretation.
114. Supplementary provisions.
SCHEDULE 1: Oaths and Affirmations.
SCHEDULE 2: Savings in the event of Public Emergencies.
SCHEDULE 3: Qualifications for Members of Parliament and Voters.
SCHEDULE 4: Procedure with regard to Bills and other matters in Parliament.
SCHEDULE 5: [Repealed.]
SCHEDULE 6: Pensions.
SCHEDULE 7: Agricultural Land Gazetted on or before 8th July 2005

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