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Broadcasting (Listeners' Licences) (Fees) Notice, 2007 - SI13A of 2007
January 23, 2007

Published as a supplement to the Zimbabwean Government Gazette Extraordinary dated the dated the 23rd January, 2007

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[CAP. 12:06

Broadcasting (Listeners' Licences) (Fees) Notice, 2007

THE Zimbabwe Broadcasting Holdings, with the approval of the Minister of Information and Publicity, hereby makes the following notice in terms of section 38B(2) of the Broadcasting Services Act [Chapter 12:06]:


1. This notice may be cited as the Broadcasting (Listeners' Licences) (Fees) Notice, 2007.

2. (1) In this notice—
"licence regulations" means the Broadcasting (Listeners' Licences) Regulations, 2003, published in Statutory Instrument 245 of 2003.

(2) Any expression to which a meaning has been assigned in the licences regulations shall bear the same meaning when used in this notice.

Fees for licences

3. The fee payable for a licence issued to a listener for a receiver in terms of the licences regulations, or for the renewal of such a licence, shall be—
(a) in the case of a listeners' concessionary licence, nil;
(b) in the case of a listeners' licence (sound-home), fifty thousand dollars ($50 000,00);
(c) in the case of a listeners' licence (sound and television), one hundred and fifty thousand dollars (($150 000,00);
(d) in the case of a listeners' licence (sound-vehicle), two hundred thousand dollars ($200 000,00);
(e) in the case of a listeners' licence (sound and television-vehicle), one hundred and fifty thousand dollars ($150 000,00).

Computation of rebates for surrendered licences

4. (1) The rebates referred to in section 10(1) and (2) of the licences regulations shall be computed by multiplying one-twelfth of the amount of the fee paid for the surrendered licence by the number of complete months for which that licence would have continued to be valid had it not been surrendered.
(2) For the purpose of the computation referred to in subsection (1), a portion of a month exceeding fourteen days shall be deemed to be a complete month.


5. The Broadcasting (Listeners' Licences) (Fees) Notice, 2005, published in Statutory Instrument 214 of 2005, is repealed.

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