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The Half-year budget performance report for the Ministry of Higher and Tertiary Education [SC 35, 2006]
Second report of the Portfolio Committee on Education, Sport and Culture
Second Session Sixth Parliament, Parliament of Zimbabwe
Presented to Parliament November, 2006

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1. Introduction
1.1 The Portfolio Committee on Education, Sport and Culture undertook a review of the 2006 half-year budget performance for the Ministry of Higher and Tertiary Education. The purpose of the review was to ensure accountability in the use of public funds, identify any challenges faced by the Ministry and make recommendations for improvement. The monitoring of the budget performance is in line with the budget process and it also enhances the representative role of the Members of Parliament.

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6. Recommendations
6.1 Cognisant of the challenges faced by the Ministry during the first half of the 2006 financial year the Committee makes the following recommendations:

  • The Ministry of Finance should ensure that funds allocated to Ministries are released timeously in order to hedge against inflation.
  • The Committee commends the income generating projects at various colleges and strongly recommends that this innovative solution to augment funds from the fiscus be introduced at all Tertiary institutions.
  • The introduction of parallel programmes at NUST and Midlands State University is highly commendable and the Committee recommends that other Universities introduce parallel programmes in order to generate extra income instead of relying on the fiscus.

7. Conclusion
7.1 The Committee appreciates the cooperation that it received from the Ministry and is hopeful that the Ministry will overcome its challenges and fulfil its mandate.

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