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The Half-year budget performance report for the Ministry of Education, Sport and Culture [SC 27, 2006]
First report of the Portfolio Committee on Education, Sport and Culture
Second Session Sixth Parliament, Parliament of Zimbabwe
Presented to Parliament November, 2006

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1. Introduction
1.1 As part of its oversight function, the Committee on Education Sport and Culture carried out a review of the half-year 2006 budget performance for the Ministry of Education, Sport and Culture. The objective of the Committee in monitoring budget performance was to ensure accountability in the use of public funds, identify problem areas and suggest solutions or recommendations for improvement. The review of the budget performance also enhances the representative role of the Members of Parliament.

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5. Recommendations
5.1 Having noted the challenges that the Ministry faced during the first half of the 2006 financial year and the efforts being taken to address the challenges, the Committee recommends the following:
5.2 Whilst government efforts to give per capita grants is highly commendable, the Committee is of the view that it is better to raise the grants and give these to schools as a once off payment, preferably at the beginning of each year.
5.3 Since ZIMSEC has now procured a Printing Press for the printing of examination materials, concerted efforts should be made to tighten security during the transportation of examination papers to various centres.
5.4 Decentralisation of education administration to districts is highly commended. The government should ensure that the Ministry is allocated adequate funds to purchase 78 vehicles, one for each of the educational districts. These vehicles are meant to impact on the quality of education through the monitoring and supervision of teachers.

6. Conclusion
6.1 The Committee is very grateful for the co-operation it received from the Ministry of Education, Sport and Culture. It is the Committee’s hope that the current challenges facing the Ministry will be overcome for the enhancement of our education system.

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