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The effects of the mid-term monetary policy on the supplementary budget allocations for the departments in the Ministry of Transport and Communications [S.C 25, 2006]
First report of the Portfolio Committee on Transport and Communications
Second Session Sixth Parliament, Parliament of Zimbabwe
Presented to Parliament on October 31, 2006

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1. Introduction
The Committee on Transport and Communications considered the half-year budget performance and the implications of the Supplementary Budget for 2006 presented by Hon H. Murerwa on 27th July 2006, the Minister of Finance and the Mid-Term Monetary Policy Review Statement, presented by Dr. G. Gono on 31st July 2006, on the departments that fall within the Ministries of Transport and Communications.

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5. Recommendations for the Supplementary Budget
5.1. There is a need for stabilization of the economy through synchronization of the Monetary and fiscal policies. The Monetary policy should be announced first and the fiscal policy statement should announced second.

5.2. There is need for the Roads Department to be given adequate attention in terms of resource allocation given the role that it plays in the provision and maintenance of the country’s road infrastructure, both between and within cities. There is a need for a Statutory Instrument that will result in the transference of the road access fee from the Zimbabwe Revenue Authority (ZIMRA) to the Zimbabwe National Roads Administration (ZINARA)

5.3. The Reserve Bank Governor, Dr. Gono should have audience with all Committees and stakeholders with the assistance from the Liaison and Coordination Committee. Each Committee should prepare questions about departments and parastals that fall under the purview of the Ministries that they shadow.

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