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PPC Report on the City of Harare [S.C 20, 2006]
Third report of the Portfolio Committee on Transport & Communications
First Session Sixth Parliament, Parliament of Zimbabwe
Presented to Parliament on June 15, 2006

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The Committee had according to its workplan for the remainder of the session, planned to enquire on the turn around strategies being implemented in the transport and communications sectors. The Committee, therefore, enquired into the activities of the City of Harare as a local government authority that was mandated to undertake the development and maintenance of road infrastructure. The Committee was appraised on street lighting, traffic lights, commuter pick up points, the plans for Mbare Musika bus terminus, accident black spots, parking discs and road safety.

The Committee was informed that the City of Harare had short-term projects in the form of pothole patching, bus parking bay markings, repairing of bus shelters and erection of candlesticks. In the medium term the City of Harare intended to float tenders for electronic booms. In the long term the City officials plan to implement the redevelopment of Mbare Musika terminus on a Built Operate Transfer system (BOT). The BOT would then assess the feasibility of destroying any structures or identifying new cites and would also be responsible for the relocation of the families living in the Joburg lines. The Committee was not agreeable to the idea of relocating people due to the costs involved and therefore recommended alternative cites.

The Committee was informed that the congestion being experienced at pick up points was due to a lack of adequate ablution facilities. The officials from the City of Harare stated that there were projects that had already been undertaken to build toilets at pick up points that have been identified e.g. a new toilet was being constructed at Mbare Musika terminus. The Committee was also appraised on the plans for parking disks that are being distributed at times being by street kids. The Committee was furnished with a schedule of public works that are in progress with deadlines that have been appended to this report. The targets that have been set are achievable with the resources that have been availed to the authority. The Committee was on the overall impressed by the speed of implementation of Committee observations and recommendations that have been made to the authority.

The Committee also noted with concern the relationship between Zimbabwe Electricity Supply Authority (ZESA) and the City of Harare and recommends that the two parastatals should find a way of addressing issues that emerge that could pose a threat to people’s lives. Traffic signalling has been heavily compromised and alternative methods should be implemented to avert danger.

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