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Second Special Report on Parastatals [S.C 06, 2006]
Committee of Public Accounts
Presented to Parliament on May 31, 2006

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1.1 As part of its ongoing exercise to monitor compliance with laid down procedures in the submission of annual reports by various Parastatals, your Committee resolved to report to Parliament its concern at the non-chalant attitude displayed by some Parastatals in this regard. Such attitude manifest itself in lack of financial accountability and out right failure to comply with existing financial regulations which require the submission of Annual Reports within a specific period as required by section 44 of the Audit and Exchequer Act [Chapter 22:03].

Your Committee noted with grave concern that a number of Parastatals had audited accounts during the financial year ended December 31, 2004 and in violation of the Audit and Exchequer Act, the respective Ministers had not tabled the audit reports before Parliament. The Comptroller and Auditor General has provided information that the accounts have been audited although they were not presented in Parliament. It is your Committee’s recommendation that the Ministers for all the Parastatals whose annual reports have not been tabled provide a detailed explanation before the house as to why they have not tabled their Annual Reports.

Your Committee also noted that some of the Parastatals did not have signed Accounts because they did not have Boards in place. Some of them had been operating for a long time without Boards e.g. Grain Marketing Board and Agricultural Development Authority. Failure to have a Board Chairman to sign the Accounts just shows how much the operations of Parastatals are compromised by such absence. This also raises serious concerns on the importance attached to corporate governance issues. It is therefore your committee observation that for parliament to play its oversight role effectively such issues have to be dealt with very decisively once and for all.

1.2 This report seeks to highlight the Parastatals that have failed to submit their Annual Reports for tabling and to comply with laid down procedures.

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