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Regulations to govern Labour Court operations gazetted
The Herald (Zimbabwe)
March 14, 2006

GOVERNMENT has gazetted regulations governing the operations of the Labour Court, which shall apply to proceedings in the court including those pending on the date of commencement of the rules.

Under the regulations gazetted last week, a party to a dispute who wishes to apply to the court for an order shall, within 21 days from the date when the party received a "certificate of no settlement", file the application with the court.

Where no settlement is reached and the labour officer fails for any reason to issue such a certificate, the aggrieved party will, after the expiry of a maximum of 30 days, take the matter to the Labour Court.

A party to a dispute making an application who wishes to seek a review of the proceedings in respect of which he or she makes the application shall file a notice of review with the court and notify the other parties cited in the application.

A person wishing to appeal against any decision of the labour officer in connection with any arbitral award shall within 21 days from the date the appellant receives the decision, file a notice of appeal.

Every application, appeal or review shall be referred to a President sitting in chambers, who may if the application, appeal or review is unopposed and if the parties agree, deal with the matter in chambers.

The President may direct that the matter be heard in open court or direct the case to be heard in chambers. After the case has been set down for a hearing, a President may with the approval of the Senior President, order that such matter be referred for hearing or decision by two or more presidents.

During any hearing, the President may appraise the parties to their rights and correct procedures where he or she considers it necessary to do so. In doing so the President shall have due regard to the interest of any party who is not being advised or represented by a lawyer or representative.

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