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Immigration Regulations, 1998 - updated at June 17, 2005
Parliament of Zimbabwe
updated at June 17, 2005

[As amended by Immigration (Amendment) Regulations, 2005 (No.1) - SI 126 of 2005 - with effect from 17 June 2005.]

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SI 195/1998 [CAP. 4:02

Immigration Regulations, 1998

[As amended by Immigration (Amendment) Regulations, 2005 (No.1) - SI 126 of 2005 - with effect from 17 June 2005.]

1. Title.
2. Interpretation.

3. Ports of entry.
4. Declaration by persons seeking to enter Zimbabwe.
5. Order in which persons entering Zimbabwe to be dealt with.
6. Persons entering Zimbabwe by train.
7. Radiologist’s certificate.
8. Evidence by person seeking to enter Zimbabwe.
9. Conditions for visitors.
10. Employment of visitors prohibited.
11. Security.
12. Requirements for married women and children.
13. Medical examination.

14. Intending immigrants.
15. Application for a residence permit.
16. Issue of residence permit.
17. Conditions of residence permit.
18. Invalidity of residence permit.
19. Refusal to issue residence permit.
20. Cancellation of residence permit.
21. Persons wishing to enter Zimbabwe for purpose of engaging temporarily in employment.
22. Temporary employment permit.
23. Conditions of issue of temporary employment permit.
24. Cancellation of temporary employment permit.
25. Issue of temporary permit.
26. Deposit in relation to temporary permit.
27. Conditions of temporary permit.
28. Cancellation of temporary permit.
29. Persons deemed to be holders of temporary permit.
30. Former residents deemed to be holders of residence permit.
31. Issue of student permit.
32. Conditions of student’s permit.
33. Cancellation of student’s permit.
34. Issue of scholar’s permit.
35. Conditions and renewal of scholar’s permit.
36. Cancellation of scholar’s permit.
37. Alien’s permit.
38. Fee for travel documents.
39. Permit relating to prescribed diseases.
40. Loss or destruction of permits or other documents.
41. Holder of temporary permit ceasing to be prohibited person.
42. Visitor’s entry certificate.
43. Admission to Zimbabwe of persons required to produce evidence to Immigration Officer.

44. Prescribed diseases.
45. Admission of suspected prohibited person to Zimbabwe.
46. Warrant of detention.
47. Removal of passport of prohibited person or suspected prohibited person.
48. Detention after criminal proceedings.
49. Appeals by prohibited persons.
50. Temporary permits for appellants.
51. Procedure where no court sitting locally.
52. Particulars of hearing to be notified.
53. Hearing of appeal.
54. Witnesses.
55. Procedure at hearing of appeal.
56. Examination of witnesses.
57. Decision of Magistrate.
58. Transmission of special case to Supreme Court.
59. Procedure after hearing.

60. Ports of exit.
61. Order in which persons departing from Zimbabwe to be dealt with.
62. Persons departing from Zimbabwe by train.
63. Permit exempting person from section 25 of the Act.
64. Statistics to be kept by Minister of persons departing from Zimbabwe.

FIRST SCHEDULE: Ports of entry and departure.

IT IS hereby notified that the Minister of Home Affairs has, in terms of section 41 of the Immigration Act [Chapter 4:02], made the following regulations—


1 Title
These regulations may be cited as the Immigration Regulations, 1998.

2 Interpretation

(1) In these regulations—
"alien permit" means an alien permit issued in terms of section 37;
"fee" means the appropriate fee specified in the Third Schedule;

(a) means the forms prescribed by subsection (2); and
(b) includes the equivalent form prescribed in or used under the repealed regulations until stocks thereof are exhausted;

"occupation" means any—

(a) work or other activity for gain; or
(b) regular work, not for gain but in the interests of any business undertaking operating in Zimbabwe;

"parent" means any person who has lawful custody of a child;
"repealed regulations" means the regulations specified in the Second Schedule;
"residence permit" means a residence permit issued or continued in force in terms of section 16;
"resident" means any person who is lawfully within Zimbabwe otherwise than for the purpose of—

(a) journeying through Zimbabwe in direct transit from one country to another; or
(b) making a temporary visit;

"returning resident" means a former resident returning to Zimbabwe who has not lost his domicile in Zimbabwe;
"scholar’s permit" means a scholar’s permit issued in terms of section 32;
"school" means an educational institution providing full-time education for children and recognised as a school by the Chief Immigration Officer;
"visitor" means an alien making a temporary visit to Zimbabwe, who is not authorised to be in Zimbabwe except in terms of a visitor’s entry certificate or a notice issued in terms of section 9 or section 45;
"visitor’s entry certificate" means a certificate endorsed in terms of section 33 of the Act.

(2) The form referred to in paragraph (a) of the definition of "form" in subsection (1) shall be the appropriate form obtainable from. the office of the Department of Immigration Control, First Floor, Linquenda House, Nelson Mandela Avenue, Harare, or the office of any Immigration Officer and such form may be inspected at any such office free of charge.

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