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Broadcasting Services (Access to radio and television during an Election) Regulations, 2005 [Statutory Instrument 22 of 2005]
Published in the Zimbabwe Government Gazette Extraordinary supplement
February 16, 2005

This document has been updated by Statutory Instrument 22 of 2005 published as a supplement to the Government Gazette Extraordinary with effect from the 28th October, 2005
Two amendments were made to the principal regulations –
(1) the deletion of "four hours of" in section 7(1); and
(2) the substitution of the First Schedule (advertising rates)

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IT is hereby notified that the Minister of State for Information and Publicity in the Office of the President and Cabinet has, in terms of section 46 of the Broadcasting Services Act [Chapter 12:06], made the following regulations—


1.  These regulations may be cited as the Broadcasting Services (Access to radio and television during an Election) Regulations, 2005.


2.(1)  In these regulations—

"Act" means the Broadcasting Services Act [Chapter 12:06].

"election" means an election to Parliament;

"licensee" means the public broadcaster (Zimbabwe Broadcasting Holdings (Pvt) Ltd);


3.  These regulations shall apply to each free to air radio and television service provided by the licensee.

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