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Last updated January 28, 2013

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Petroleum Act

Petroleum Bill
The Bill provides for the setting-up of a new parastatal, the Petroleum Regulatory Authority, the functions of which will include ensuring the provision of sufficient petroleum products for domestic use and the regulation of the procurement, sale and production of petroleum products in Zimbabwe. The Authority will be controlled by a five-person Board. Its functions will be exercised in accordance with general policy directions given to it by the Minister of Energy and Power Development, but otherwise it will enjoy independence from outside control.

The Authority will administer a licensing system under which only holders of licences issued by the Authority will be allowed to procure, sell or produce petroleum products. Procurement, retailing and production licences are envisaged. Existing licences issued under the Control of Goods Act and regulations will continue in force as if issued under the new system. Appeals against the Authority's licensing decisions will lie to the Administrative Court.

The Bill makes reference to the importance of effective competition in the petroleum industry. and requires the sale of petroleum products to be conducted in an open, transparent and competitive manner.

There will be a Fuel Price Stabilisation Fund, funded in part by a fuel price stabilisation levy to be enacted by statutory instrument published by the Minister. The Fund will pay out subsidies or bounties for local production of fuel and contribute towards fuel price stabilisation schemes. The Authority will be responsible for fixing the prices of petroleum products.

There will be a continuing role for NOCZIM. It will be responsible for maintaining strategic reserves of petroleum products. And it will be deemed to be the holder of such licences under the new legislation as are appropriate to its operations.

Ministry: Energy and Power Development
Stage: Gazetted February 09, 2007. Not yet effective.
5/2007 HB 5A /2006 03-Feb-07   09-Feb-07   Gazetted. Has not yet been brought into operation. Date to be fixed by statutory instrument in terms of s.1(2)
Political Parties Finance Act To provide for the financing of political parties by the State; to prohibit foreign donations to political parties and candidates; to repeal the Political Parties (Finance) Act [Chapter 2:04]; and to provide for matters incidental to or connected with the foregoing.
Act 4/2001. Consolidated with s.4 of the General Laws Amendment Act 2002, with effect from 4th February 2002.     11-May-01 Effective
Presidential Powers (Temporary Measures) Act An Act to empower the President to make regulations dealing with situations that have arisen or are likely to arise and that require to be dealt with as a matter of urgency; and to provide for matters connected therewith or incidental thereto.
Acts 1/1986, 6/2005.     25-Apr-86 Effective

Private Voluntary Organizations Act

General Notice 99 of 2007

An Act to provide for the registration of private voluntary organizations, for the control of the collection of con-tributions for the objects of such organizations and of certain institutions, and for matters incidental thereto.
Acts 63/1966, 6/1976, 30/1981, 6/1995, 6/2000 (s. 151), 22/2001 (s. 4) ; R.G.N. 217/1970.     01-Sep-67 Effective
Proclamation 1 of 2005 (Statutory Instrument 3A of 2005) Declares the new constituencies settled by the Delimitation Commission. These are the constituencies which will apply in the next general election. The Schedule to the proclamation names the new constituencies and describes their boundaries.
3/2005 SI 3A/2005 17-Jan-05   13-Jan-05   Gazetted in a Gazette Extraordinary
Provisional General Ruling Conversion of Closing Balances for Tax Purposes, 2010 The purpose of this general ruling is to provide guidelines on how the Commissioner-General shall exercise his discretion in approving rates of exchange applied in converting the 2008 closing balances that were expressed in Zimbabwean dollars to US dollars, for taxation purposes.
  GN 274/2010 01-Oct-10   01-Oct-10   Effective

Public Order and Security Act (POSA) Amendment Bill, 2009

This Bill will amend the Public Order and Security Act [Chapter 11:17] to ensure that the public gatherings are regulated in a manner that will allow Zimbabweans to fully exercise their fundamental democratic right to express themselves through the medium of peaceful assembly and association. The Bill will also clarify some of the existing provisions in the current Act.
Status: Having gone through its Second Reading with the support of both MDC and ZANU PF, this Bill is in the Committee Stage

  H.B. 11/2009 30-Apr-12   11-Dec-09   Lapsed. Reintroduction under debate.

Public Order and Security Act (POSA) Amendment Act

Public Order and Security Act (POSA) Amendment Bill

The Bill amends the law relating to public meetings, processions and demonstrations as set out in Part IV ["Public Gatherings"] of the Public Order and Security Act.
50/2007 Act 18/2007 23-Jan-08 19-Dec-07 11-Jan-08 11-Jan-08 Effective
Public Order and Security Act (POSA) To make provision for the maintenance of public order and security in Zimbabwe; to amend the Citizenship of Zimbabwe Act [Chapter 4:01], the Criminal Procedure and Evidence Act [Chapter 9:07] and the Miscellaneous Offences Act [Chapter 9:15]; to repeal the Law and Order (Maintenance) Act [Chapter 11:07]; and to provide for matters connected with or incidental to the foregoing.
Act 1/2002, 6/2005 (s.18)  22-Jan-02  22-Jan-02 Effective
Radiation Protection Act [Chapter 15:15] Statutory Instrument 131/2005, as corrected by SI 144/2005, has fixed the date of commencement as 1st July 2005.
10 of 6th Parl '05 Act 05/2004 15-Aug-05     01-Jul-05 Effective
Reconstruction of State-Indebted Insolvent Companies This Bill had an adverse report from the PLC, but Parliament agreed to proceed to its second reading, and it was debated by the House in Committee. Amendments were proposed and these were referred to the Parliamentary Legal Committee on 16.12.2004
12/2005 Act 27/2004 03-Mar-05 20-Dec-04 25-Feb-05 25-Feb-05 Effective
Regional, Town and Country Planning Act To provide for the planning of regions, districts and local areas with the object of conserving and improving the physical environment and in particular promoting health, safety, order, amenity, convenience and general welfare, as well as efficiency and economy in the process of development and the improvement of communications; to authorize the making of regional plans, master plans and local plans, whether urban or rural; to provide for the protection of urban and rural amenities and the preservation of buildings and trees and generally to regulate the appearance of the townscape and landscape; to provide for the acquisition of land; to provide for the control over development, including use, of land and buildings; to regulate the subdivision and the consolidation of pieces of land; and to provide for matters incidental to or connected with the foregoing.
Acts 22/1976, 48/1976 (s. 82), 22/1977 (s.38), 3/1979 (ss. 143-157), 39/1979 (s.19), 8/1980 (s.12), 29/1981 (s. 59), 48/1981 (s.13), 9/1982 (ss.2-16), 20/1982 (s.19), 21/1985 (s.45), 8/1988 (s.164), 3/1992 (s.52), 14/1998.   01-Nov-76  Effective
Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe Act (2009) This document reflects the text of the Bill as passed by the House of Assembly on Wednesday 18th November 2009. It shows all the amendments made by the House during the Committee Stage of the Bill, following consultations between the Minister of Finance and ZANU-PF legislators.
    18-Nov-09 Effective
Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe Act (Annotated) In this document we set out the text of the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe Act [Chapter 22:15] as amended at 16th August 2009, annotated to show the amendments proposed by the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe Amendment Bill, H.B. 7, 2009, which was gazetted on the 14th August 2009.
    14-Aug-09 Effective

Road Traffic (Construction, Equipment & Use) (Amendment) Regulations, 2011

Road Traffic (Construction, Equipment & Use), 2010

The regulations lay minimum compliance requirements for motor vehicles construction and equipment and fixtures required to be carried on or fixed to the vehicle. They also set out specific requirements with respect to the use of vehicles, equipment and fixtures.
  SI 154/2010 17-Sept-10   17-Sept-10 01-Dec-10 Gazetted
Rural Land Occupiers (Protection from Eviction) Act To protect certain occupiers of rural land from eviction; and to provide for matters connected therewith or incidental thereto.
Act 13/2001 [As amended in s. 4(a)(iii) by s. 30 of the General Laws Amendment Act 2002, from 4th February 2002.]   05-Jun-01 Effective
Securities Amendment Bill, 2012 To amend the Securities Act [Chapter 24:25], the Collective Investment Schemes Act [Chapter 24:19] and the Asset Management Act [Chapter 24:26]; and to provide for matters connected therewith or incidental thereto.
39/2012       10-Aug-12 03-Oct-12 Gazetted
Sexual Offences Act (Chp 9:21) To amend the criminal law in regard to sexual offences; to make further provision for the suppression of brothels and prostitution; to discourage the spread of the human immuno-deficiency virus; to repeal the Criminal Law Amendment Act [Chapter 9:05]; to amend section 51 of the Magistrates Court Act [Chapter 7:10], sections 211 and 247 of the Criminal Procedure and Evidence Act [Chapter 9:07] and section 2 of the Termination of Pregnancy Act [Chapter 15:10]; and to provide for matters connected with or incidental to the foregoing.
REPEALED by the Criminal Law [Codification and Reform] Act
  Act 8/2001     17-Aug-01 17-Aug-01 Repealed

Suppression of Foreign and International Terrorism Act

Suppression of Foreign and International Terrorism Bill - version 2

This is a new version of the original Bill (HB 1, 2006) gazetted in March 2006 and which lapsed at the end of the last session of Parliament. Like the original this Bill aims to provide for the suppression of foreign and international terrorism, including mercenary activities. Unlike the original Bill, this Bill makes it clear in the relevant definitions that the terrorist activity hit by the Bill is terrorist activity aimed at foreign States. The preamble refers to the 1989 UN Convention against the Recruitment, Use, Financing and Training of Mercenaries, the OAU Convention for the Elimination of Mercenarism in Africa and the 1999 OAU Convention on Prevention and Combating of Terrorism. It also declares Zimbabwe's recognition that activities of a people waging a struggle to exercise or further their right to national liberation, self-determination and independence against colonialism and aggression, in accordance with international law, will not be considered terrorist activities for any purpose.

The Bill provides for maximum (but not mandatory) punishment of life imprisonment for:- engaging in foreign or international terrorist activity; training as a foreign or international terrorist; recruiting or providing training to foreign or international l terrorists; possessing weaponry for the purposes of foreign or international terrorist activity; supplying weaponry to foreign or international terrorist organisations. Lesser, but still severe, penalties are envisaged for other offences such as harbouring, concealing or failing to report foreign or international terrorists. Part III authorises the Minister to identify foreign or international terrorist organisations by designation in a statutory instrument. Promoting or belonging to foreign or international terrorist organisations so designated or soliciting support for them is also an offence. Clause 13 provides that nearly all the clauses specifying offences have extra-territorial operation, i.e., cover things done anywhere in the world. The Attorney-General's authority will be necessary for prosecutions under the Act to proceed. The Foreign Subversive Organisations Act - the provisions of which are substantially incorporated in the Bill - will be repealed.


17/2007 Act 5/2007 11-Aug-11   03-Aug-07 29-Jul-11 Effective
Troubled Financial Institutions (Resolution) Act Aims to provide a comprehensive legal framework to deal with banks and other financial institutions that are incapable of paying their debts to the Troubled Bank Fund set up by the Reserve Bank. Makes provisions to enable the Reserve Bank to intervene to protect its interests instead of such banks and financial institutions being subject to liquidation or judicial management or entering a reconstruction arrangement with their creditors, as they can at present under the Companies Act.
4/2005 Act 31/2004 20-Jan-05   14-Jan-05 14-Jan-05 Gazetted, will come into force immediately
Urban Councils Act To provide for the establishment of municipalities and towns and the administration of municipalities and towns by local boards, municipal and town councils; to provide for the conferring of town and city status on growth points, municipalities and towns; to provide for the declaration of local government areas and the administration of local government areas by local boards; to confer functions and powers and impose duties upon municipal and town councils and local boards; to provide for the establishment of the Local Government Board and to provide for the functions thereof; and to provide for matters connected with or incidental to the foregoing.
Acts 24 /1995, 21/1997 , 3/2000 (s. 39 ), 22/2001 (s. 4 )     22-Dec-95 Effective
Urban Councils Amendment Bill (2011) This is a Private Member's Bill introduced by Hon Matimba of MDC-T. It seeks to make major cuts in the powers given to the Minister of Local Government, Rural and Urban Development by the Urban Councils Act. Hon Matimba has made his introductory speech and further debate is awaited, but progress on this Bill may be delayed by a court application lodged by Minister of Local Government, Rural and Urban Development Ignatius Chombo for an interdict prohibiting Parliament from considering the Bill. Minister Chombo's court application is based on constitutional grounds and will be discussed in a separate Bill Watch. It remains to be seen how Justice Bere's recent ruling on the sub judice rule will be interpreted by the Speaker in this case, and whether the Speaker will stop debate on this Bill pending determination of the court application.
  19-Jan-13   16-Dec-11   Under review
Valuers Act

Brought into operation on the Feb 01, 2006 by Statutory Instrument 16 of 2006. It was enacted in 1996 [Yes 1996, but has been "dormant" since then]. The Act takes valuers out of the ambit of the Estate Agents Act and provides for the setting up of a Valuers Council which will register valuers and will in general regulate the profession.

62/2006 Act 5/1996 29-Dec-06   18-Nov-05 01-Feb-06 Effective
Zimbabwe Council for Higher Education Act

To establish the Zimbabwe Council for Higher Education to register and accredit institutions of higher education; to repeal the National Council for Higher Education Act [Chapter 25:08]; and to provide for matters connected therewith or incidental thereto.

62/2006 Act 1/2006 29-Dec-06 22-Sep-06 08-Apr-06 01-Oct-06 Statutory Instrument 218 has fixed the date of commencement of this Act as 1st October 2006.
Zimbabwe Development Bank Amendment Act The Zimbabwe Development Bank will be renamed the Infrastructure Development Bank of Zimbabwe, and the short title of the principal Act will be changed to Infrastructure Development Bank of Zimbabwe Act.

Other changes include:

  • the "managing director" will become the "chief executive officer" and the appointment of the incumbent of the post will be confirmed
  • the number of directors will be increased, the chairman and a majority of directors will have to be non-executive directors, and the responsibilities of the Board will be stated in more specific terms, including express references to corporate governance and ethical practice
  • there will be more detailed provision for the Minister to give the Board general directions regarding policy
  • the authorized share capital of the Bank is increased to fifteen trillion dollars divided into fifteen million shares of one million dollars each (presently fifty million dollars divided into fifty thousand shares of one thousand dollars each). New share certificates will be issued to shareholders to reflect this change.
  • the objectives of the Bank will be rephrased so as to emphasize infrastructural development and the powers of the bank will be expanded accordingly
  • the Bank will be relieved of its present obligation to devote a quarter of its loan funding to small-scale and medium-scale enterprises
  • provisions for audit of the Bank's accounts will be expanded, and will include provision for an audit committee.

Ministry: Finance
Note: A motion was passed to fast track the Zimbabwe Development Bank Bill so that all stages of the Bill were taken and the Bill passed by the House of Assembly on Dec 15 and by the Senate on Dec 19

14/2006 Act 11/2005 03-Apr-06 19-Dec-05 25-Nov-05 24-Mar-06 Gazetted
Zimbabwe Electoral Commission Act

To establish the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission and provide for its functions; to amend the Referendums Act [Chapter2:10] (Act No. 24 of 1999); and to provide for matters connected with or incidental to the foregoing.
Stage: Enacted by the President and the Parliament of Zimbabwe.

15/2007 Act 22/2004 30-Apr-07   14-Jan-05   Effective

Zimbabwe Human Rights Commission Act

Zimbabwe Human Rights Commission Bill, July 2012 Amendments

Zimbabwe Human Rights Commission Bill, 2011

The purpose of this Bill is to make provision for the powers and operation of the Zimbabwe Human Rights Commission ("the Commission").
Act 2/2012 12-Oct-12 19-Jul-12 12-Oct-12 12-Oct-12 Effective
Zimbabwe Investment Authority Act, 2006 (No. 4 of 2006) To provide for the establishment of the Zimbabwe Investment Authority and its functions; to provide for the promotion and co-ordination of investment; to repeal the Zimbabwe Investment Centre Act [Chapter 24:16] and the Export Processing Zones Act [Chapter 14:07]; and to provide for matters incidental to or connected with the foregoing.
Stage: Passed on Sept 08, 2006. Not yet in force - date of commencement to be fixed by statutory instrument
62/2006 Act 4/2006 30-Sep-06 08-Sep-06 08-Sep-06   Not yet in force - date of commencement to be fixed by statutory instrument
Zimbabwe National Family Planning Council Amendment Act The amendments to the ZNFPC Act were made in sections, two, four, five and 22
22/2005 HB 10/2005 03-Mar-05   25-Feb-05 25-Feb-05 Effective
Zimbabwe Youth Council Act (Zimbabwe Youth and Sports and Recreation Councils Act), 2001 An act to provide for the establishment of the Zimbabwe Youth Council and to provide for the functions thereof; to provide for the registration and regulation of clubs and national associations; to provide for National Colours for youth; and to provide for matters incidental to or connected with the foregoing.
  22/2001         Effective

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