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  • Midnight debut for the NGO Bill
    National Association of Non-Governmental Organisations (NANGO)
    November 17, 2004

    The NGO Bill made its Parliamentary debut yesterday and today might be the day of reckoning. Many thanks to those who heeded the call and attended the Parliamentary session yesterday, we need an even stronger presence in the public gallery today [never mind the schoolkids taking up all the space, just try to be there by 2pm]

    Proceedings on the NGO Bill began at 12:00 midnight amidst high dramma and ravaging debate and ended today at 6am. Four MDC Mps were thrown indicating the intensity of debate around the Bill and the resoluteness of the state to pass the Bill as it is. The state indicated great concerns around the issues of national security, foreign interferance, infringement of political space and human rights. That these concerns are unfounded is apparent, but what is appalling is the fact that there was little recognition on the state's part of the great work that NGOs have been doing in promoting national development. All of a sudden NGOs have become a national threatt when throughout the years they have essentially been complementary partners to government in fostering development.

    The debate will resume again today at 2:15pm with the tabling of the meagre ammendments sent out by the Minister and voting on the Bill.

    The entrenchment of a legacy of bad laws
    As our Parliament cotinues to invest in oppressive laws, about which it has shown record determination, the NGO Bill stands next in line and indications show a high likelihood of it being passed in its current state. The Adverse Report by the Parliamentary Legal Committee on the Bill was thrown out, thus diminishing the last hope of the Bill being redrafted. It therefore remains for the NGO Sector to start counting its losses and focusing on the way forward.

    National advocacy committee meeting
    NANGO continues to closely monitor the parliamentary process and will be keeping you up to date as events unfold. However speeded emphasis is now being placed towards cementing the post-Bill response strategy. In this regard the National Advocacy Committee will meet on Thursday to deliberate on the way forward, please be advised that the advocacy process will still proceed even after the promulgation of the Bill. The challenge remains in spite of the Bill for us all to continuously advocate for a positive and enabling operating environment and an unrestrained civil society in Zimbabwe.

    We will be glad to respond to queries and questions pertaining the Bill proces and the response strategy. Please contact Jacob or Fambai on our hotline +263-4-732612.

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