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Second reading: AIPPA Amendment Bill
Parliament of Zimbabwe
October 19, 2004

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THE MINISTER OF STATE INFORMATION AND PUBLICITY IN THE PRESIDENT'S OFFICE: The Amendment before the House seeks to amend the AIPPA. The Bill has three purposes. The first is to allow nominations by the media sector to membership of the Media and Information Commission to come either from an association of journalists or media house or both.

Secondly, it seeks to allow for a penalty provision that was omitted from section forty by error and therefore the purpose there is simply to remedy an omission. Thirdly, the Bill seeks to allow for the setting up of an independent disciplinary committee to deal with maters relating to suspension of commissioners in a manner that protects their independence. As such, this is a really straightforward bill.

Unfortunately, despite this unassailable reality and background of this Act, we know that the Act has been a target of political demonisation and subjected to outright false-hoods, misrepresentations and distortions by Tony Blair's weapons of illegal, unconstitutional and undemocratic regime change.

For this reason, it is very difficult for a party without a history or seniors to understand this type of background. Everyone is a mafikizolo. Therefore, it is a good thing that Hon. members know the truth that they know the law and indeed they agree with me that this amendment is straightforward. It is based on principles that have been established and law that have been tested and for that I commend the Bill to the House.

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