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  • Civil society in Malawi comments on the Zimbabwe NGO bill 2004
    The Institute for Policy Interaction
    October 14, 2004

    We, the undermentioned members of Civil Society in Malawi do hereby condemn the introduction of the amended N.G.O. Bill 2004 in Zimbabwe as a blatant attempt by the Government of Zimbabwe and President Mugabe, to stifle and suppress the bright spirit of beneficial creativity that can only thrive in an atmosphere of unfettered freedom.

    This action by the Zimbabwean Government is indicative of its manic resolve to obliterate any vestige of individualistic humanity that does not conform to predetermined norms or patterns as envisaged by the oligarchs that have ravaged this beautiful country with callous disregard.

    This is not surprising for it vividly illustrates the neopatrimonialistic syndrome which has afflicted Africa for decades in the form of brutal, avaricious, venal, corrupt and incompetent Dictators who have strutted across the African stage with aplomb and impunity, leaving behind them a wake of mayhem, misery and untold suffering of the ordinary hapless African man, woman and child.

    We thank God for blessing Malawi with a democratic environment that deters such monstrous travesties with the power of the Constitution backed by a wise and fearless judiciary and wholeheartedly supported by Civil Society, but we are mindful of the political adage "The price of democracy is eternal vigilance," and do hereby vow to battle all retrogressive tendencies with all the force and resources that we can muster. Never again shall Mother Malawi groan under the brutal heel of a Dictator while we draw breath.

    We implore our fellow Malawians and Africans throughout the continent to join us in this show of solidarity for our Zimbabwean brothers and sisters in their hour of need. Let us stand firm against these onslaughts to human dignity and morality. Let us show the Dinosaurs that they have exceeded their shelf life on this God given Earth and it is time for them to pass into oblivion for all things must pass with time.

    Issued by:
    The Institute for Policy Interaction
    Civil Liberties Committee (CILIC)

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