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  • Announcing the first reading of the NGO Bill
    National Association of Non-Governmental Organisations in Zimbabwe (NANGO)
    October 05, 2004

    As the moment of truth beckons we encourage all NGOs and Civic Organisations and all those who care about the development of this dear nation to remain on high alert! Starting tomorrow 6 October 2004 with the first reading of the Bill to Parliament. (Notice has been given by the Minister of labour that the first reading of the bill has to be presented in this session of parliament.). After the first reading then, the parliamentary legal committee has to give its report within 26 working days making recommendations on the Bill. It is not yet clear how long the parliamentary legal committee will take (within the 26 days) to present its report but once we find out we will let you know.

    The NGO Sector has to make a strong presence throughout the Parliamentary process and especially when the Bill will be debated. Democracy unfortunately is a show of numbers and if the numbers are not there, then all else fails. We encourage all organisations to send in a representative to attend the reading tomorrow afternoon and whenever else the Bill issue is raised before Parliament as a show of concern.

    We will call you again on such short notice to attend the Parliamentary Debate Sessions on the Bill in due course, please oblige, because that stage would be the most important in the entire process.

    NANGO has also intensified the Advocacy Campaign and will as such be hosting public meetings and dialogue sessions on the NGO Bill during the forthcoming NGO Expo. Please take time out to attend and contribute to these historic meetings.This year's Expo will go on record as the largest NGO showcase to date. Various other smposiums will be held during the Expo as platforms for NGO Solidarity and Policy Dialogue.

    Finally NANGO and the National Advocacy Committee on the NGO Bill, would also like to express solidarity with the Women Of Zimbabwe Arise (WOZA) in their courageous and sacrificial effort to express their concern as to the grievous impacts of the Bill on the nation and women. The women have just been arrested today (5 October 2004) as they were preparing to have an all night prayer vigil outside Parliament to mark the reopening of the Parliament.

    Important question
    Have there been any amendments to the Gazetted Bill?

    We have been unofficially told that there are some amendments which have been made, however we have not received official notification to that effect. We will of course keep our ears to the ground, and we will let you know the good and the bad news as it comes.

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