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Education Act [Chapter 25:04]
As amended as at October 01, 2004

View the Education Amendment Bill, 2005 [H.B. 6, 2005]

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Education Act [Chapter 25:04]
Act 5/1987, 26/1991, 24/1994 (s. 70), 19/1998 (s. 15), 22/2001 (s. 4).

AN ACT to provide for the declaration of the fundamental rights to, and objectives of, education in Zimbabwe; to provide for the establishment, maintenance and regulation of Government schools, Government teachers colleges and other Government educational facilities; to provide for the establishment and administration of non-Government schools and teachers colleges, and for the registration and control thereof; to provide for the registration and control of correspondence colleges and independent colleges and for the establishment of an advisory council for such colleges; to make financial provision for schools and teachers colleges; to provide for the transfer of teachers to the Public Service; and to provide for matters connected with or incidental to the foregoing.
[Date of commencement: 8th June, 1987.]



1 Short title
This Act may be cited as the Education Act [Chapter 25:04].

2 Interpretation
In this Act—

"adult education" means any educational training which the Minister considers suitable for persons beyond the age of sixteen years to develop them into useful adult members of society;

"Board" means the National Education Advisory Board established in terms of section twenty-eight;

"child of school-going age" means a child of an age within such limits as may be prescribed;

"fixed date" means the 8th June, 1987;

"Government school" means a school administered and controlled by the Ministry;

"hostel", in relation to a school, means any building used for the boarding accommodation of pupils or students attending such school;

"Minister" means the Minister of Education or any other Minister to whom the President may, from time to time, assign the administration of this Act, and "Ministry" shall be construed accordingly;

"non-Government school" means any school which is not a Government school, whether or not it receives aid from the State;

"nursery school" means an institution which provides for early childhood education and care and the physical, mental and social development of children who are not old enough to be enrolled at a primary school;

"parent", in relation to a pupil or child, includes a guardian or any other person who has the duty to maintain the pupil or child;

"registered", in relation to a school, means registered or provisionally registered in terms of section fifteen;

"responsible authority", in relation to or a school, means the person, body or organization responsible for the establishment and management of the school;

"school" means an institution, other than a correspondence college, recognized by the Ministry, which provides school education;

"school development committee" means a school development committee established in terms of section thirty-six;

"school education" means primary or secondary education for children comprising a complete range of suitable full-time instruction and activities, having regard to the age and sex of the children;

"school year" means the period of twelve months ending on the 31st December of each year;

"Secretary" means the Secretary of the Ministry for which the Minister is responsible;

"teacher" includes a head of a school;

"term" means any one of the periods into which the teaching school year is divided.

3 Application

(1)  This Act shall not apply to—

(a) the University of Zimbabwe; or

(b) any institution which is established, administered and controlled—

(i) under any other enactment; or

(ii) by any Department or Ministry of State, other than the Ministry; or

(c) any institution which provides education which is solely religious, social or recreational.

(2)  The Minister may, at the written request of the responsible authority of any school, and subject to such conditions as he may specify by statutory instrument, exempt such school from all or any provisions of this Act that would otherwise apply to such school, and may, by like notice, vary or revoke such exemption.

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