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  • Model provisions for laws affecting Public Benefit Organizations (PBO)
    International Center for Civil Society Law (ICCSL)
    September 07, 2004

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    In order to increase the role of Public Benefit Organizations (PBOs) in society, to promote their public benefit activities, to foster transparency and accountability, and to provide guidance to the government for using public benefit organizations in procurement of services for the benefit of the general public, the [Parliament of Country] enacts the following:

    While some countries have a tradition of preambles, others do not. Even where no such tradition exists, however, a law that regulates a completely new area, or one that has not been regulated for decades, may well utilize a preamble in order to introduce the subject matter and the general principles, which can then be applied in interpreting the law.

    The above preamble is based in part on the Hungarian law on PBOs (1997). While it is appropriate to include language in a preamble to a PBO law that encourages partnerships between the government and PBOs, it would not generally be appropriate to mandate by law that governments form partnerships with PBOs.

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