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    National Association of Non-Governmental Organisations in Zimbabwe (NANGO)
    August 06, 2004

    The National Association of Non-Governmental Organisations in Zimbabwe, (NANGO) is dismayed by the Draft NGO Bill that undermines the principles of cooperation, collaboration and participatory development, which is the threshold of progressive development.

    Zimbabwe is a signatory to various United Nations Charters, the African Union and various SADC protocols, where it confirmed its willingness to conform to the principles of accountability, good governance and above all to facilitate the development of the citizens, which is the focus of the Millennium Development Goals.

    The NGO community by virtue of its work collaborates with the Government at various levels. It is at the backdrop of this relationship where NANGO and its membership feel let down by the Government, especially where the Bill is undermining the basic principles of a conducive NGO operating environment namely:

    • Self-regulation
    • Efficient registration system
    • Sustainability of NGOs
    • Professional environment
    • Representation

    The Bill itself further compromises the relationship, which had been developed between the government and the NGO sector with NANGO playing a facilitator role.

    It is our conviction as NGOs that given the current socio-economic situation in the country where 70-80% of the population is surviving below the poverty datum line and unemployment is hovering between 60-80%; where over one million children are orphans and where 25% of the population is infected by HIV/AIDS; the NGO sector is a safety net and hope for the nation. Unfortunately the Bill criminalises a sector that is providing social safety nets to a lot of communities throughout the country. The Bill is hitting on the ordinary men, women and children who are beneficiaries of the services of NGO interventions.

    In light of the above, enactment of such a Bill, will do Zimbabwe more harm than good. NANGO therefore implores the government and policy makers to re-look at the draft bill with a view of coming up with an enabling legislation that supports the work of NGOs during these times that communities are enduring hardships. NANGO is further calling upon all legislators to be sensitive to the plight of the Zimbabweans.

    During this period that the bill is being discussed, NANGO is calling upon all NGOs to remain united, focused and continue to respond to the needs of communities that they serve.

    NANGO National Executive Committee

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