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  • 2002 Presidential & Harare Municipal elections - Index of articles

  • Public Order and Security Act (POSA)
    January 22, 2002

    See the Public Order and Security Amendment Act, 2007

    Updated by: General Laws Amendment Act, 2005 (No. 6 of 2005), with effect from 3rd February, 2006

    This Act was promulgated by Extraordinary Government Gazette on 22 January 2002, becoming law with effect from 22 January 2002.

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    To make provision for the maintenance of public order and security in Zimbabwe; to amend the Citizenship of Zimbabwe Act [Chapter 4:01], the Criminal Procedure and Evidence Act [Chapter 9:07] and the Miscellaneous Offences Act [Chapter 9:15]; to repeal the Law and Order (Maintenance) Act [Chapter 11:07]; and to provide for matters connected with or incidental to the foregoing.

    ENACTED by the President and the Parliament of Zimbabwe.

    PART I

    1. Short title.
    2. Interpretation.
    3. Realisation of risk or possibility as an element of offences under this Act.
    4. Regulating authorities.

    Offences Against Constitutional Government and Public Security

    5. Subverting constitutional government.
    6. Insurgency, banditry, sabotage or terrorism.
    7. Recruiting or training insurgents, bandits, saboteurs or terrorists.
    8. Training as insurgent, bandit, saboteur or terrorist.
    9. Supplying weaponry to insurgents, bandits, saboteurs or terrorists.
    10. Possessing weaponry for insurgency, banditry, sabotage or terrorism.
    11. Harbouring, concealing or failing to report insurgent, bandit, saboteur or terrorist.
    12. Causing disaffection among Police Force or Defence Forces.
    13. Possession of dangerous weapons.
    14. Temporary prohibition of possession of certain weapons within particular police districts.
    15. Publishing or communicating false statements prejudicial to the State.
    16. Undermining authority of or insulting President.

    Offences Against Public Order

    17. Public violence.
    18. Throwing articles at persons, motor vehicles, etc.
    19. Gatherings conducing to riot, disorder or intolerance.
    20. Assaulting or resisting peace officer.
    21. Undermining of police authority.
    22. Intimidation.

    Public Gatherings

    23. Interpretation in Part IV.
    24. Organiser to notify regulating authority of intention to hold public gathering.
    25. Regulation of public gatherings.
    26. Prohibition of public gatherings to avoid public disorder.
    27. Temporary prohibition of holding of public demonstrations within particular police districts.
    28. Civil liability in certain circumstances of organiser of public gathering.
    29. Dispersal of unlawful public gatherings.
    30. Prohibition of offensive weapons at public gatherings.
    31. Disrupting public gatherings.

    PART V
    Enforcement and Preservation of Public Order and Security

    32. Persons to carry identity documents.
    33. Cordon and search.
    34. Powers of stopping and searching
    35. Powers of police officers in relation to aircraft, aerodromes and airstrips.


    36. Attorney-General to authorise prosecutions under this Act.
    37. When Defence Forces may assist Police Force under this Act.
    38. Powers of seizure and forfeiture in relation to vehicles, aircraft and vessels.
    39. Powers of search, seizure and forfeiture generally.
    40. Special jurisdiction of magistrates.
    41. Amendment of Schedule.
    42. Saving of other laws as to riotous gatherings, etc.
    43. Amendment of Cap. 4:01.
    44. Amendment of Cap. 9:07.
    45. Amendment of Cap. 9:15.
    46. Repeal of Cap. 11:07.

    SCHEDULE: Classes of public gatherings to which Section 24 does not apply.

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