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Zimbabwe Youth Council Act
Parliament of Zimbabwe

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AN ACT to provide for the establishment of the Zimbabwe Youth Council and to provide for the functions thereof; to provide for the registration and regulation of clubs and national associations; to provide for National Colours for youth; and to provide for matters incidental to or connected with the foregoing.

1 Short title

This Act may be cited as the Zimbabwe Youth and Sports and Recreation Councils Act [Chapter 25:19].

2 Interpretation

In this Act-

“appointed member” means the chairman of the Council or a member of the Council appointed in terms of subparagraph (i) of paragraph (b) of subsection (1) of section three B;

“club” means any group of persons associated together for the purposes of youth activities on a communal,

regional, provincial, national or international basis;

“Council” means the Youth Council established in terms of section three;

“Director” means the Director of the Youth Council referred to in section five;

“elected member” means a member of the Council elected in terms of subsection (2) of section three B or
deemed to have been elected in terms of subsection (3) of that subsection;

“Minister” means the Minister of National Affairs, Employment Creation and Co-operatives or any other Minister to whom the President may, from time to time, assign the administration of this Act;

“national, provincial or district association” means any group or body of persons operating in Zimbabwe and having as its principal object the promotion or organization on a national, provincial or district basis, asthe case may be, of the organized activities of youth;

“registered national association” means a national association registered in terms of section fourteen;

“registered club” means a club registered in terms of section seventeen;

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