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Sexual Offences Act
August 17, 2001




1. Short title.
2. Interpretation.


1   Short title   TOP

This Act may be cited as the Sexual Offences Act [Chapter 9:21].

2   Interpretation   TOP

(1) In this Act—

"brothel" means any place which is occupied or used for purposes of prostitution or for persons to visit for the purpose of having extra-marital sexual intercourse for money or reward;

"extra-marital sexual intercourse" means sexual intercourse otherwise than between husband and wife;

"HIV" means the human immuno-deficiency virus;

"keeper", in relation to a brothel, has the meaning set out in subsection (2);

"owner", in relation to any place, includes a person who lets or sublets or permits the occupation of the place, whether in his own right or on behalf of another person;

"place" includes any premises, enclosure, vehicle or boat or any part thereof;

"prostitute" means a person who for money or reward—

(a) habitually allows other persons to have extra-marital sexual intercourse with him or her; or

(b) solicits other persons to have extra-marital sexual intercourse with him or her;

"young person" means a boy or girl under the age of sixteen years.

(2) The following persons shall be deemed for the purposes of this Act to be keepers of a brothel—

(a) any person who manages the brothel or assists in its management;

(b) the owner of the brothel, if he uses the place as a brothel or knowingly allows it to be so used;

(c) any person who knowingly receives the whole or any part of any money taken in the brothel;

(d) any person who resides in the brothel, unless he proves that he was ignorant of the character of the place;

(e) any person found in the brothel who wilfully refuses to disclose the name and identity of the keeper or owner thereof.

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